Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski’s relationship stings less for Jennifer Aniston because of Gerard Butler: Rumor

Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski's relationship stings less for Jennifer Aniston because of Gerard Butler: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston is, reportedly, not that hurt over Brad Pitt’s new relationship.

According to WHO, Jennifer Aniston was more hurt when Pitt dated Angelina Jolie.

Jennifer Aniston chooses to move forward after Brad Pitt moves on

Back then, it seemed as though Pitt left Aniston so he could be with Jolie.

“Now that Brad’s swanning around with this German hottie, Jen is kicking herself for going back there with him – only to have history repeat. Of course, the stakes weren’t as high this time as they were just getting to know each other again. It’s not like the first time when he ended their marriage for Angelina. This stings less, but she’s anxious to prove she’s looking forward, not backward,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston chooses to move forward after Brad Pitt moves on

Aniston tempted to talk to Gerard Butler

Aniston is, allegedly, not that bothered that Pitt is dating someone else because she has also started dating. And one of the first people that, allegedly, reached out to her is her co-star, Gerard Butler.

“She’s making noises about being interested in dating again, for real, rather than just calling Brad and Justin Theroux when she needs a shoulder or a laugh. Gerard Butler as reached out to her and she has to admit she was tempted to meet up with him, but again, that would be returning to an ex rather than moving forward,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Jennifer Aniston is keener to date someone who’s not from the industry.

Jennifer Aniston seething at Brad Pitt over his new relationship

Rumors about Aniston and Pitt have been rife for years. But the exes once again made headlines recently after Pitt stepped out with Poturalski.

Closer UK published an entirely different story about the A-listers saying that Aniston was hurt by Pitt’s relationship.

“Jen really thought Brad was a changed man, but watching his insensitive actions has dredged up past hurt and reopened old wounds, which has been understandably painful,” the source said.

Pitt’s new relationship, allegedly, brought back past hurt for The Morning Show star.

“Even though she’s not a fan of Ange, she admitted she had felt tormented and betrayed by what Brad did. It brought up raw emotions and memories of his thoughtless actions to her,” the source said.

However, no one really knows how Aniston feels about Pitt’s new relationship. But when the exes reunited for the Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read, they seemed to be warm and friendly towards each other.

This proves that Jennifer Aniston has no ill feelings towards her ex-husband.

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