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Brad Pitt, Renee Bargh romance confirmed? ‘Extra’ reporter speaks up


Brad Pitt has been romantically linked to Renee Bargh, and a tabloid confirmed that the two are officially an item.

Brad Pitt has been single following his split from Angelina Jolie. The Ad Astra actor has been linked to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and Alia Shawkat, but he has never confirmed those speculations. New reports claimed he is dating Extra reporter, Bargh.

Brad Pitt and Renee Bargh’s relationship status

There were rumors claiming that Brad Pitt got his eyes on Renee Bargh. It reportedly started when the latter interviewed him on the red carpet at the SAG Awards in January.

Months after the said event, New Idea confirmed that the two are an item. The Extra reporter allegedly admitted that she had “butterflies” when Pitt was around.

“I think there’s always butterflies when Brad Pitt is around – I’m only human,” Bargh said.

“I’m always a little nervous to speak to him; you feel his presence before you see him.”

The outlet also presented photos as evidence of Renee Bargh and Brad Pitt having a video chat. They were reportedly keeping in touch via FaceTime.

Romantic relationship debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the claims that Brad Pitt and Renne Bargh are an item. The pair is reportedly not dating.

The rumor-debunking site questioned the quote included in the report. If ever it is real, Bargh’s statement didn’t confirm any romantic ties with Pitt.

Also, Bargh merely speaks warmly about the Ad Astra star a fan. If they were indeed an item, the outlet should have included a quote about them.

Second, the photos included in the report were reportedly fake. It was taken a couple of weeks ago when Pitt recorded a video message for the Missouri State University graduates. It was not true that he was having a conversation with Bargh on those pictures.

Brad Pitt linked to several other women

Brad Pitt has been linked to various women in his circles. There were rumors that he has gotten back with his first ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. He allegedly proposed to her.

Some insiders also claim that he has been dating Alia Shawkat. The speculations about them have intensified because they have been spotted together in multiple events. She was also seen biking away from his home on her birthday.

Both claims are not true. Pitt and Aniston’s rep have denied the rumors that they are back together. Thus, there is no reason for the actor to propose to Aniston.

Also, Pitt and Shawkat’s circle have insisted that the two are not dating. Their relationship is reportedly platonic.

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