Brad Pitt reportedly had near-death experience following his drug detox during Scientology days


Brad Pitt used to be a member of the Church of Scientology before he quit the religion for good in 1993.

This week, his grueling initiation into the religion was detailed by former Scientologist Michael Mallen. However, none of his recent revelations seem to compare with another former Scientology shared about Brad Pitt last year.

Brad Pitt almost died during a sweatbox ritual

Last year, former Scientologist Sam Domingo said that Pitt had a near-death experience due to a ritual known as the sweatbox. The traumatic incident took place just before the actor quit the religion.

Domingo revealed that the sweatbox is a purification rundown that helps detox drug users. However, the entire procedure is, reportedly, dangerous.

“[It is a] program where they basically load you up with vitamins and you sit in the sauna and sweat for five hours a day. At least four kids have died on these programs. Brad was doing the same one! He was in the sweatbox,” Domingo told Radar Online.

Scientologists weren’t successful in keeping Brad Pitt

In the 2013 memoir Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape, Jenna Miscavige Hill claimed that the church is obsessed with recruiting celebrities. However, the Church of Scientology wasn’t, reportedly, successful with their desire to keep Brad Pitt within the religion.

Domingo said that right after his near-death experience, Pitt left.

“They weren’t able to keep Brad,” he said.

Mallen also said a similar thing about the Ad Astra actor. The former Scientologist said that after the incident, they tried to get Pitt back, but the actor never continued with Scientology.

Pitt talks about his differing views with ex Juliette Lewis

Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband hasn’t also publicly discussed his time in the Church of Scientology. But during that time, he was dating Juliette Lewis. In 1995, they, reportedly, ended their relationship and Pitt indirectly mentioned the religion.

“There’s some real genius there. I had a great time with her. I don’t want to go into an explanation. She has her own views, and I respected those views,” he said.

Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman quit Scientology after Tom Cruise split

As of late, a slew of former celebrities has already quit Scientology. Leah Remini is one of the most outspoken critics of religion. She recently slammed Tom Cruise by saying that he’s just waiting for Suri Cruise to become an adult so he could force her into the religion.

Nicole Kidman was once also a member of the Church of Scientology but she has decided to quit. And just like her, Katie Holmes also tried joining the religion while she was married to Cruise.

However, both A-listers have left Scientology just like Brad Pitt.

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