Brad Pitt seething at Nicole Poturalski over model’s plans for a tell-all: Rumor

Brad Pitt seething at Nicole Poturalski over model's plans for a tell-all: Rumor

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski are, allegedly, facing a major issue in their relationship.

Less than two months after the couple was photographed in public for the first time, there are claims that Brad Pitt and Poturalski are already feuding.

Nicole Poturalski will talk about Brad Pitt in a tell-all interview

According to National Enquirer, the actor was surprised to learn that Poturalski has plans for a tell-all interview.

“This is a nightmare for Brad. It’s starting to hit him that he’s bitten off more than he can chew. He’s had an amazing time with Nicole and still finds her wildly attractive, but he’s also confided a lot of intimate secrets to her that he probably shouldn’t have,” the source said.

Brad Pitt worried about what his girlfriend could say

Brad Pitt worried about what his girlfriend could say

The insider also claimed that the model has already let slip a lot of secrets about her and Pitt’s relationship. But there’s still more that she could, allegedly, expose. As such, there are fears that things between the couple could become messy.

In August, Pitt took Poturalski to Chateau Miraval while he’s still dealing with his custody battle against Angelina Jolie. All were, reportedly, well until Poturalski posted a cryptic message on her Instagram account.

The actor made a mistake by dating Nicole Poturalski?

The single mom said that happy people don’t hate. And her statement left one critic wondering if she’s being hypocritical. After all, the critic assumed that the model and Pitt hate Jolie. However, Poturalski was quick to say that this isn’t the case.

“Brad has always been careful in recent years to only hook up with girls who keep their mouths shut. But Nicole is bragging to pals about what a great time she’s having. She’s going into way too much detail, especially with her bad-mouthing of Angelina and what Brad’s said about their custody war,” the source said.

Pitt has also, allegedly, urged his girlfriend to stop talking immediately. But the Ad Astra actor is still, allegedly, worried that Poturalski could give a full sit-down interview about everything that she knows about Pitt.

“The last thing he needs is to give Angie any more ammunition. But Nicole’s loose lips are already causing a major headache, so Brad needs to get a grip on the situation fast before it bites him any harder,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

Poturalski isn’t going give a tell-all interview about herself and most definitely not about Brad Pitt.

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