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Brad Pitt, Sienna Miller: Did they ever have a relationship?


The love life of Sienna Miller has been an interesting topic to many, especially when she had an alleged thing with Brad Pitt.

Sienna Miller has been linked to a lot of guys. She famously had a relationship with Jude Laws, but was it true that she had a thing with Brad Pitt?

Miller and Pitt’s alleged love affair

Angelina Jolie, reportedly, got mad at Miller and Pitt after they were caught sharing a hug at the Glastonbury Music Festival in 2017.

“Sienna still gets under Angie’s skin like no other woman can,” an anonymous source told Life & Style.

From here, a number of reports emerged about the two, claiming they were secretly dating at the time.

So-called insiders revealed how flirty they were with each other, and how great a couple they could be.

If Pitt and Jolie were named “Brangelina,” Miller and Pitt coined the moniker “Brienna.”

In 2018, the rumors went too far that there were allegations they were making their romance official. The year had come and gone, but there’s no romance about Miller, and Pitt was confirmed.

Debunking the claims

Gossip Cop debunked these claims about Pitt and Miller. The publication had investigated this issue time and over again, but no truth came out from it.

There was no evidence to prove that the two had any romance. They also only laughed about the issue when asked.

Time also proved that these tabloid reports about them were only made-up tales.

Sienna Miller set the record straight about Brad Pitt

Miller broke her silence over the relationship rumors about her and Pitt in 2017. In an interview with Page Six, she shut down these malicious claims, calling it “silly.”

“I’m not going to even dignify it with a response. It’s predictable and silly,” she told the publication.

Rumors about the two began when they were seen hanging out together in Los Angeles for Miller’s new film, which Pitt produced under his production company, Plan B.

At the time, they were said to be “heavily enjoying each other’s company” and “talking to each other all night.”

The news came a year after Pitt and Jolie announced their split following 12 years of romance. Despite their breakup, the Maleficent star vowed they would “always be a family.”

“We are focusing on the health of our family,” Jolie told Good Morning America. “So we will be stronger when we come out of this because that’s what we’re determined to do as a family.”

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