Brad Pitt slammed after release of Joe Biden’s new campaign ad

Brad Pitt slammed after release of Joe Biden's new campaign ad

Brad Pitt supports Joe Biden’s presidency and he is part of the Democratic candidates’ newest campaign ad. But Twitter users have mixed opinions about it.

Brad Pitt is one of the thousands of celebrities who support Joe Biden. His ex Jennifer Aniston also announced that she voted Joe Biden. Just recently, Pitt narrated in Biden’s newest campaign ad.

Brad Pitt in Joe Biden’s campaign ad

Brad Pitt narrated the newest commercial ad for Joe Biden that aired on the World Series game on Saturday. The ad premiered during the Los Angeles Dodgers – Tampa Bay Rays games. In the short clip, Pitt speaks about Biden’s effort in reuniting the Americans.

“America is a place for everyone – those who chose this county, those who fought for it – some Republicans, some Democrats, and most, somewhere in between,” he said.

In the voiceover, Pitt said all of the people in the country is looking for the same thing. They want a leader who listens and understands their hopes and dreams, and their pain. They want someone who will get up everyday and work to make life better.

“To work just as hard for the people who voted for him as those who didn’t. To be a president for all Americans,” the message concluded.

Twitter users slammed Brad

Apparently, many disapproved of Brad Pitt’s endorsement for Joe Biden especially those who support Donald Trump. Many took to Twitter and criticized the actor by shaming him with his decisions in life, including his choice to leave Jennifer Aniston fro Angelina Jolie.

“As I understand it from media reports during his split with Angelina Jolie, he’s a deranged dope addict with emotional issues,” one commented.

“Yeaaa NO! Brad Pitt can never be classy or truthful…. Can’t stand the guy. Not after his very public affair w/ ho Angelina and divorce from Jennifer Aniston. His cheating says a lot about him as a person and his character, he’s just not a good guy,” another wrote attacking Pitt.

Meanwhile, another slammed Pitt calling the actor a fool for leaving Aniston for Jolie. The netizen also blamed Pitt for allegedly turning his daughter into a boy. The user was presumably referring to his daughter Shiloh Jolie Pitt who loves to dress like a boy.

Some netizens love Pitt more

Despite the backlash, many netizens also praised Brad Pitt because for them, he chose the right candidate by endorsing Joe Biden. Several thanked Pitt for endorsing the Democratic presidential candidate. Many of them even said that they love him more after seeing the ad.

“Now I love Brad Pitt even more,” one wrote.

“I love this ad. It hits every point  and reason to vote for Joe!” anothr added.  

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