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Brad Pitt vows to play dirty in custody battle against Angelina Jolie: Rumor


Brad Pitt is, allegedly, taking a leaf out of Angelina Jolie’s playbook.

According to Life & Style, Brad Pitt has vowed to play dirty in his custody battle against Jolie.

Brad Pitt has ammunition against Angelina Jolie

Now that the actress is being accused of having an affair with Johnny Depp, Pitt, allegedly, sees this as an opportunity to try and win the custody of his kids.

“Things are finally looking up for Brad. The actor is looking forward to the new year and new developments in his custody fight with Angie,” the source said.

The insider also said that Pitt is taking a page out of Jolie’s own playbook because the Maleficent star has also been playing dirty.

“He sees an opportunity with this Johnny Depp affair and he’s going to take advantage of it. If Angie cheated on him with Johnny, like the shocking court papers seem to reveal, Brad might have a chance to finally change the narrative. He’ll finally be able to get revenge,” the source said.

Did Angelina Jolie cheat on Brad Pitt?

While there is no proof that Jolie and Depp had an affair while the actress was still married to Pitt, the tabloid claimed that the actress has some history of cheating and flirting.

“Everyone knows about Angie’s infamous on-set love affairs. It’s how she met two of her ex-husbands, Brad and Billy Bob Thornton. Angie hates that Brad could use this against her,” the source said.

Angelina Jolie at risk of losing her kids’ custody

The insider also said that the timing of the affair rumors couldn’t have come at a worse time. After all, she’s trying to fight for sole custody of her children.

“Angie is still maneuvering and trying to get her way. It could demonstrate that Angie is a liar and manipulative, with no regard for the family despite her claims otherwise. It would put Brad in an even better light since he’s done a lot of work, getting help for his anger and addiction issues, getting sober and staying clean. People in his orbit have no doubt the court will be swayed. Brad will get permanent, equal custody of his children,” the source said.

The insider added that Jolie would flip if her alleged affair with Depp is what finally brings Pitt vindication.

However, it is important to note that Jolie and Depp’s alleged affair hasn’t been confirmed. And the court has yet to decide on Brad Pitt and Jolie’s custody battle.

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