Bradley Cooper makes sneaky escape from Jennifer Garner’s place amid dating rumors?

Bradley Cooper has, allegedly, been sneaking in and out of Jennifer Garner’s house.

Woman’s Day recently published a photo of Bradley Cooper driving his car. The tabloid then said that Cooper was caught during one of his sneaky escapes from Garner’s home in the Pacific Palisades.

However, Cooper’s photo wasn’t taken during his alleged visit to Garner. Rather, it was a snap taken on another occasion.

Bradley Cooper caught sneaking in and out of Jennifer Garner’s home

Still, the tabloid tried to convince its readers that there’s something sneaky going on between Cooper and Garner. But even the Peppermint actress previously said that she and Cooper had been close friends for years.

A source told the tabloid that after Cooper’s cover was busted, he and Garner started telling their family and friends that they are working on a project. This is so they could, allegedly, convince everyone that they are not dating.

However, there’s no need to convince family and friends that the A-listers aren’t dating. After all, everyone knows that they are just close pals.

Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner chemistry on 'Alias' was off the charts

Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner chemistry on Alias was off the charts

Still, the source insisted that Cooper and Garner’s chemistry in Alias set hearts racing. And their fans are even more excited to see this chemistry unfold in real life.

“Bradley’s been successful with his sobriety – and his strength and intellect is something Jen can’t get enough of. They’ve got a lot of history and she often says Bradley helped her move on from her first disastrous marriage. Now it looks like he’s doing it again for her second,” the source said.

Ben Affleck jealous of Bradley, Jennifer’s connection

Rumors about Garner and Cooper dating abound ever since they were seen hanging out in Malibu.

Last month, WHO claimed that Bradley Cooper and Garner have been going on secret dates since their respective split from Irina Shayk and John Miller.

“They’ve always been at ease with each other, but now it’s deeper. They’ve always been there for each other through their ups and downs,” the source said.

Star also claimed that Ben Affleck is jealous of Cooper and Garner’s connection ever since they were in Alias.

“So, he’s not exactly applauding this. He plans on watching the situation carefully,” the source said.

However, one should take all the claims made by the tabloids with a grain of salt. Garner and Cooper aren’t dating. It is also unlikely for Bradley Cooper to be sneaking in and out of Garner’s home.

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