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Bradley Cooper ready to share unknown life story: Rumor


Bradley Cooper is now, allegedly, ready to share his story with the public. Known for being notoriously private, will the 45-year-old star finally open up about himself?

Rumors have it Bradley Cooper is about to tell a lot of unknown things about him in the world. If this happens, fans will surely be in for a treat to know all the juicy details about their favorite actor.

Cooper’s decision to allegedly share private life

In an issue of OK! Magazine, it claimed Irina Shayk’s former partner’s privy attitude is about to change. A source knew Cooper is an “extremely private guy who dislikes the spotlight.”

Despite being one of the industry’s best actors, the insider revealed he didn’t like the “attention that comes” with acting. For him, it’s just his craft.

But as of late, the tipster claimed the A Star is Born star had been quietly sharing his personal life. He, too, had been telling friends about his past.

“These days, he’s willing to share more about his life, past and present,” the source explained. “He’s hoping his story might someday help another young actor out there.”

The insider contended Cooper hadn’t had life easy. He once struggled with substance abuse.

He then decided to be sober and got married to Jennifer Esposito for a short four months. The publication then delved into Cooper’s love life.

Debunking the wrongful claim

Gossip Cop debunked the claim about the father-of-one’s decision to share his story.

The publication didn’t precisely pinpoint what untold story Cooper revealed. Indeed, he might want to inspire young actors, but it didn’t mean he would share intimate details about his life to friends.

Hence, there’s no truth to this claim, and Cooper will remain private about his personal life.

The next movie project of Bradley Cooper

Meanwhile, Cooper now has an onscreen partner for his next movie project, Maestro, about Leonard Bernstein.

Carey Mulligan will join the American Sniper star in the new Netflix film. The 35-year-old actress will play the role of Felicia Montealegre, Leonard’s wife.

The film’s production is about to begin next spring.

According to Deadline, Cooper has been working with the Montealegre family to develop his next directorial movie after A Star is Born.

The film will tell the story of Felicia and Leonard’s complicated love story that spans over 30 years, from the time they met in 1946 to their familial life.

In real life, the couple had two engagements, married for 25 years, and had three kids.

Bradley Cooper’s Maestro is set to be out in 2021.

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