Bradley Cooper worried about Irina Shayk after she’s linked to Kanye West?

Bradley Cooper worried about Irina Shayk after she's linked to Kanye West?

Bradley Cooper couldn’t help but feel worried about his ex, Irina Shayk.

According to New Idea, Bradley Cooper is concerned over the reports that Shayk is dating Kanye West.

While the A Star Is Born actor doesn’t have anything against the rapper, he couldn’t, allegedly, believe why Shayk would allow herself to be dragged into the Kardashian family drama.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West co-parent their kids

West and Kim Kardashian just filed for divorce, and they continue to co-parent their four children.

And the rapper dating Shayk means that the model will be linked to his and Kardashian’s recent divorce no matter what.

Bradley Cooper not happy with Irina Shayk dating Kanye West

Now, a source for the tabloid claimed that Cooper is far from happy about the entire situation.

“There’s nothing he can do or say about it, but he’s horrified that she’s caught up in all that Kardashian nonsense. Not only that, Kanye’s outbursts and bipolar issues are well known, so Bradley would be a fool not to worry,” the source said.

Irina Shayk secretly thrilled Bradley Cooper is concerned

Irina Shayk secretly thrilled Bradley Cooper is concerned

According to the insider, Shayk is aware that Cooper has some reservations about her budding relationship with West. And the model is thrilled to know that her baby daddy still cares about her.

“No doubt Irina’s secretly thrilled that she’s jealous of her new man. Bradley had his chance and she would have gone back to him at any time if he wasn’t so commitment-phobic. If he has a problem with her moving on, he’s simply going to have to suck it up,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Bradley Cooper has been mum about the rumors that Shayk and West are dating. So, no one knows for sure how he feels about it.

As for Shayk and West, the rumored couple was recently spotted hanging out in Provence. They have not also confirmed the real status of their relationship.

But it is important to note that Shayk and West have known each other for years. In fact, Shayk already worked with West even before she met Bradley Cooper.

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