Brand new iPhone 12: fresh feature and everything you need to know

Apple will be releasing its new iPhone 12. People are expecting to have a great experience with new features. 

In 2019, iPhone 11 Pro became the top-end smartphone from Apple. This year, iPhone 12 is about to come out of the market. 

What iPhones are Featuring Before iPhone 12

 There are rumors about the iPhone latest release, which serves as a basis on what to expect with iPhone 12. The new iPhone brings more alteration performance and system features.

What to Expect with Brand New iPhone 12 

The iPhone has not adopted the next-generation internet in its previous smartphones. In the new iPhone 12, the 5G iPhone model will be out. Also, the iPhone 12 features a modern design with new cameras and a supercharged screen.

iPhone 12 Release Date 

Apple has no announcement about the official release date of their new smartphone. Yet, based on people’s observations, their releases come in a similar time. 

Around the second week of September, this is the month when iPhones are usually released. Thus, the expectation is Apple will show off its brand new iPhone on September 8 or 15. 

The schedule is becoming tentative because the COVID-19 pandemic will affect its production. Though manufacturing factories are making it up, people expect to have delays.

Some suggest that delays will be up in October or November. Besides, In the year 2021, they expect that this is the year it will be finally released. 

iPhone 12 Price

There is no official announcement on the price of the iPhone 12. The cost of the iPhone 11 starts at $699, and the iPhone 11 Pro price ranges around $999. Moreover, the iPhone 11 Pro Max list price is $1,099. If the iPhone has all the outstanding features, the price range will be higher in consideration of the material cost. 

More about iPhone 12 

There is a lot of rumor information about the iPhone 12, but Apple smartphones have always been promising. 

Apple has not confirmed the official name of its brand new iPhone release. Other sources call it iPhone 2020, but several iPhone series, Apple may call it iPhone 12. 

Like the iPhone 5, Apple’s brand new iPhone will have an angular design. So, it will be looking more professional like iPad Pro models. 

According to another leak, the brand new iPhone 12 will have a more redesigned feature on it. It says that Apple develops a new Face ID technology with smaller notches in it. Kuo stated that the redesigned feature would do great significance.

Not all previous releases had a fingerprint scanner, having it in the new iPhone series is a useful feature. Moreover, there can be more changes in the new iPhone 12. It will come with a new display and a change in screen size, which improves the user experience.

iPhone 12 has a rumor that it will also have a RAM boost and an extensive battery. iPhone upgrade is being awaited, making it capable of 3D capturing. 


Images courtesy of Richard Balane/Pexels, Soulful Pizza/Pexels

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