Brand new trailer revealed for ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

A brand new super bowl trailer for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier is teasing a weird and exciting tension between Bucky and Sam.

According to Screen Rant, the latest Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer reveals much new footage. Apart from that, it is also hinting towards a love and hate relationship between Bucky and Sam. However, it is still hiding the new Captain America!

The Disney Plus series stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in lead roles.

“Falcon and the Winter Soldier”: What to expect?

It’s quite evident in the newest footage that Marvel doesn’t want to take out all the cards yet. At least when it comes to actor Wyatt Russell’s John Walker, a.k.a., the new Captain America.

What’s the plan behind still not showing more of him? Apart from this, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer also gives details on Sam and Bucky’s dynamics. So things might go unexpectedly weird. That’s what the clip tries to explain, at least, at the moment. The Disney Plus MCU show is still a month ago from its official debut.

Zemo also seems to be planning something dangerous. Due to that, he will have a face-off with the duo of Bucky and Sam.

But again, most of the mystery is around the government’s alternative for a new version of Captain America. Falcon and the Winter Soldier will try to go deep in that when it comes out in March. In the meantime, fans will try to decode the secret behind the character of John Walker.

Upcoming MCU titles amid a pandemic

With the pandemic still prevailing, it’s becoming hard for an immense cinematic universe to maintain the regular release cycle. Despite the arrival of WandaVision, starting phase four, things don’t look very positive yet. There are multiple things to deal with.

On the movie side, Marvel Studios is going through a challenging situation at the moment. Last year saw the significant delays of Black Widow and Eternals. Along with these two, Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings’ Legend has also been pushed further.

All these three MCU titles are facing the threat of no theatrical release. Rising cases of COVID-19 have become an inevitable villain for Kevin Feige and his team. Because of that, the upcoming and anticipated movies of the next phase might end up on Disney Plus. It’s the only solution if the situation remains since most of the theaters will be closed.

Coming back to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it will start streaming on Disney Plus service in mid-March.


Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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