Brandon Blackstock furious after learning Kelly Clarkson wants to wed her new boyfriend: Rumor

Brandon Blackstock furious after learning Kelly Clarkson wants to wed her new boyfriend: Rumor

Kelly Clarkson is, allegedly, thinking about tying the knot again after dating a mystery man for a few months.

According to Star, Kelly Clarkson is seeing someone, but she’s not ready to reveal who he is just yet.

A source told the tabloid that Clarkson didn’t expect to find love this soon. But when she did, she was ready for it.

“She’s far from the depressed, gloomy person she was a few months ago. She’s got the Kelly spark again,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson looking forward to another wedding 

Kelly Clarkson looking forward to another wedding

The insider claimed that the American Idol winner has been telling her friends that she thinks her boyfriend is the one. As such, she’s already thinking about planning their wedding.

“She’s absolutely rushing things, but she says she doesn’t care. She’s on cloud nine,” the source said.

The singer’s friends are concerned

However, the singer’s friends are, allegedly, worried about her because they think that she could get hurt again.

Clarkson’s friends are also aware that she and her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock are still finalizing their divorce and the custody of their kids. As such, they think the singer should focus on these things first instead of another wedding.

How does Brandon Blackstock feel?

Meanwhile, the tabloid claimed that Blackstock found out that Clarkson is dating a new guy. And even though he’s not happy to know that she’s moved on, he has no choice but to suck it up.

“He’s heard the rumors and he’s pretty rattled. But there’s not much he can do except sit back, suck it up, and realize how badly he messed up. He’s finally getting to see what he lost and that there are guys who’d line up for a chance to date Kelly. She’s such a catch and one of the nicest people you could meet,” the source said.

The source said that Clarkson couldn’t care less about her ex-husband and her friends’ concern. After all, her mystery boyfriend treats her like a real lady.

“He checks all of her boxes. He’ll have Kelly in stitches one minute and then listen as she opens up about her biggest fears the next,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson wedding rumors debunked

However, Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Clarkson isn’t rushing to tie the knot again.

After all, there’s no proof that she’s dating a mystery man. And if Kelly Clarkson isn’t dating anyone, there’s no reason for her ex-husband to feel threatened or jealous.

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