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Brandon Routh discussing Superman cameo for ‘The Flash’ with Ezra Miller


Brandon Routh might don his Superman cape again and fly in for a cameo on The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller.

The actor played Superman just once in the 2006 film Superman Returns. Fans say that Brandon Routh is the most overlooked actor for this iconic role. However, he is reportedly in talks to join the upcoming multiverse in The Flash.

Sources told We Got This Covered that Warner Bros wants Routh to be part of the upcoming DCEU film. Since it’s been established that the movie will play out different timelines, the studio wants Routh to feature in one of these scenarios in a cameo.

Warner Bros insiders said this casting is important as Henry Cavill will also be joining the movie. Cavill is the current Superman actor for the DCEU.

The report cited that Routh has not yet agreed nor signed a contract, but he said in a previous interview that he loves his iconic superhero role.

Devastation after Superman cancellation

In March, Brandon Routh said it devastated him when the sequel to Superman Returns didn’t pan out after the movie’s poor box office results. Warner Bros then rebooted the franchise with Cavill replacing Routh.

Speaking in the podcast Inside of You, Routh said that he developed anxiety over this career blow.

“I did everything I could do that I thought in my world to help make it happen,” Routh said. “Going through that whole trauma of Superman Returns – the end of Superman Returns – was a long, drawn-out process of me in denial for much of it, and thankfully, I didn’t lean on drugs or alcohol and partying.”

But the actor had the chance to play Superman all over again for a special episode of The CW’s Arrowverse. He said he’s “eternally grateful” to be allowed to wear the cape again, adding that it was a healing and magical experience. Incidentally, it was also his farewell to the Arrowverse franchise.

Next projects in the pipeline

After his stint in the Arrowverse, specifically in Legends of Tomorrow, Routh is in the Anastacia movie starring Emily Carey. The actor also appeared in the TV series short production of The Princess Bride. The film came out at the height of the lockdown.

The actor also provided the voice over for the new video game Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Water Crisis. He currently has no upcoming projects in the pipeline, as production is mostly stalled due to the pandemic crisis.

Brandon Routh, however, did his part as a good citizen by encouraging his social media followers to wear a face mask in public.

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