Brave launches its privacy-centric search engine 

Brave, a crypto-powered web browser aims to take a slice from the lucrative search business by launching its security-centric beta search engine.

It is certainly a bold move for the company since the search engine business is deeply dominated by Google with a 90% market share.

Brave announced that its new browser would have a strong focus on security and privacy, which will provide users with the “first-ever” independent privacy search engine/browser.

This feature seems to take aim at Google’s major revenue sources which are collecting personal data and browsing habits that are being sold to advertisers.

Ready to be tested

Brave’s search engine is now live and can be tested by anyone at

The company’s new product is pretty attractive as it promises no tracking of searches and clicks while users are using the search engine.

Brave also highlighted that it is perfect for those who don’t want to use tech products that have surveillance features behind them.

One other thing that separates Brave from other search engines is it doesn’t have any advertisements, which is the primary source of Google’s revenues.

Two variants

Brave also added that it would soon offer two search engine variants in the future: free (but with ads) and paid (without ads) and will use its Basic Attention Token (BAT).

One fascinating fact about Brave is that its chief executive officer, Brendan Eich, also worked at Mozilla and Firefox before establishing the privacy-centric and crypto-powered search engine.

According to Eich, one of the major factors that would bring success to Brave is the increasing number of its users, because their collective actions would push Brave further on top of search results.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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