Brazilian ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ professional player reportedly slayed in Sao Paulo

Call of Duty: Mobile trailer snapshot

A female Brazilian Call of Duty: Mobile esports player is, reportedly, killed in Sao Paulo in a case that is said to be pre-meditated in nature.

Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, otherwise known as “Sol,” was murdered by a fellow player, Guilherme Alves Costa. Costa, who goes by the alias “Flashlight” in-game, reportedly, planned the killing weeks in advance.

Bueno da Silva and Costa met a month ago, leading to the two going to the latter’s place of residency. The former subsequently fell victim to the latter’s sinister scheme, dying of stab wounds. She was found dead in a home in Pirituba.

Surrendering for the crime 30 minutes after the deed, the killer claims having a strong recollection of the tragic event. Asked why he did the act to the unfortunate victim, Costa responds by stating, “Because I wanted to…”

Apart from the gruesome killing, the perpetrator also took a video of the actual murder. A record that he shared with his friends via WhatsApp message group.

More revelations

Esports consultant and insider, Rod Breslau, put to Twitter information about the event. In a following tweet, he even left a statistic suggesting the perilous state of Brazil for its women. It states that, in 2018, Brazil had been a hotspot for the killings of women. Which, according to IPEA’s Atlas of Violence 2020 is a slay per every two hours; or tantamount to 4,519 victims in total that year alone.

Further disclosure from Breslau points to Costa’s plans for more attacks. It was found in an email labeled “A Commendable Act” where the culprit foretells a similar crime from him. In it also showed a similar video he had taken during the killing of Bueno da Silva.

In solidarity to a ‘fallen soldier’

Coming off as a shock to Sol’s teammate in Call of Duty: Mobile, messages of grief were spread online. Pains being the dominating theme, the grievances also share similarities highlighting the victim’s positive character. Particularly, as a cheerful person towards the people with whom she played professionally with.

Giving dedication to a “fallen soldier” who met her demise in real life, Sol’s teammates at FBI Esports conducted a “ceasefire” within the game’s server. The video of the “no shootout” was since put online.

The topic of killing in relation to video games has been a subject of interest among researchers from yesteryears. However, the studies have found no substantial link that relates the two.

Image used courtesy of Garena Call of Duty Mobile/YouTube Screenshot

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