Brian Falduto reflects on ‘School of Rock’ role that made him question his sexuality

Bryan Falduto

Brian Falduto recalled the role he played on School of Rock back in 2003 and how it made him question his sexuality.

Nearly two decades since Brian Falduto appeared on School of Rock, the actor revealed how the role affected him.

Falduto appeared on the Cooper and Anthony Radio Show where he talked about the film and his character, Billy. In the School of Rock, Billy received the nickname of “fancy pants” soon after Jack Black’s character assigned him to be the school band’s stylist.

He even became famous for his line “You’re tacky and I hate you.”

Due to his character, he suffered from homophobia that eventually made it difficult for him to determine his sexuality.

“I didn’t come out until my senior year of college. I was in so much denial. Think about it: I was in the fifth grade when this movie came out, and I was called gay, and then someone told me that’s not cool. So I was just like, ‘Oh okay, then I’m not gay,” he said.

The 29-year-old actor added that he once kept on denying it before realizing what and who he is. When he found out that he may be gay, he immediately became homophobic toward himself.

Falduto reveals more feelings

Apart from his recent interview, he also jotted down what he feels in an essay.

In 2018, Falduto penned an essay for The Advocate where he tackled how things went after the movie.

According to the actor, he began building up reservations from 2004 to 2014. He remembered how some things did not have a direct connection with his sexuality.

“I had shut down the idea that I could be gay so early on in my life that I eventually believed I wasn’t. But the damage was already done. My self-doubt was so ingrained in me that I was subject to everyone’s opinions all the time,” he went on.

After years of questions and doubts, Falduto embraced who he really is. Currently, he works as a life coach for the LGBTQ community. In the past years, the experiences of other people reportedly shaped him as well.

Per Falduto, how people’s minds work amaze him in different ways. He also tried to be what he told himself 14 years ago but ended up following what he wants.

Despite that, he remained firm as his fans remain loyal to him regardless of his sexuality.

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