Brie Bella admits in ‘Total Bellas’ she has grown apart from husband

Brie Bella admits in 'Total Bellas' she has grown apart from husband

Brie Bella finally divulges the real status of her six-year marriage in her reality TV series Total Bellas. It turns out that they are struggling.

It takes a lot of courage to admit a marriage that is shaky. And that’s just what retired professional wrestler Brie Bella just did.

Brie is married to Daniel Bryan, who is also a professional wrestler. They tied the knot in April 2014 and they now share three-year-old daughter Birdie.

In the latest episode of Total Bellas, the 36-year old reality star opened up her heart to her twin sister Nikki Bella and her mom Kathy.

Drifting apart

They were spending time together when Brie decided to share that she has been feeling distant from her husband Daniel Bryan.

She said that due to their different schedules, they haven’t had a lot of time together as a couple. In fact, she felt like they’re single parents and they’re just co-parenting.

“At times we feel like single parents. When he comes back in time, I leave. We are kind of growing apart, we aren’t growing together,” Brie said.

And when asked if she was happy, Brie answered that life hasn’t been perfect as it seems.

“I know I could be happier, I know I could have a better marriage,” she says. “I feel like he wishes I was still that girl he met eight years ago.”

She recalled how things have been so different for them from the last eight years. They have started wanting different things compared to how it was from the beginning.

Bryan, whose real name is Bryan Danielson, is apparently aware of their distance as a couple. That’s why he arranged a trip to Sedona to work on their marriage.

The trip to Sedona

Bryan surprised the trip for Brie in hopes of reconnecting their relationship. He also admitted that there have really been some conflicts due to their differences.

He has been going through depression as well that’s why he has been seeking help from a shaman.

“Maybe in doing some of these things the same way they can heal my depression, what I’m really hoping for, is maybe they can also heal a relationship,” Bryan said.

The two engaged in a healing ceremony while on the trip and that’s when Brie realized that her husband has been carrying so many emotions.

They were able to have a meaningful conversation after departing from the shaman. And Bryan expressed his love for Brie.

“I realized I just haven’t been listening to him. Bryan, right now, is very vulnerable,” Brie told the Total Bellas cameras. “And to hear him just be like, ‘Brie, all I want is a simpler life…’ it really hits me hard.”

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