‘Brigandine’ game designer, producer speaks about the game, future plans, and more

Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia PlayStation 4 release promotional trailer snapshot

Following an announcement that will see Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia soon coming to the PS4, a one-on-one interview with the game’s designer and producer, Kazuhiro Igarashi, was conducted to talk more about the game.

The interview was done by Twinfinite, discussing the many facets of the game post-release.

Positive reception

Starting off the conversation was a query regarding the game’s performance on the Switch. According to Igarashi, he actually received much feedback, which he divides into two: the business aspect and the game itself.

He claims that the game did perform “quite good” in Japan. But did not mention anything about the global release aside from the optimism of reaching more audiences via the upcoming PS4 launch.

As for the game itself, it also seems to get a positive reaction from the crowd. Which, if anything, is a good indicator of the franchise’s return after 20 years of hiatus. However, Igarashi also cites disparity in the quality of reception between that of Japan and the West.

Whereas Japanese audiences find the game “difficult” and request to make it easier, those from the West were asking the complete opposite. To the Western counterparts, the game could use additional challenges and more options to strategize in it.

Planned multi-platform release

With a slated PS4 release, a query is also raised, which asks the initiative’s motivation. Igarashi responded by shedding light on the company’s initial plan for a simultaneous multi-platform launch but subsequently did not see fruition. Yet the company is ultimately targeting. The reason for which boils down to the need to expand the game’s reach of audiences.

With more powerful hardware either already in place or is coming, another question was opened—particularly, pointing towards the potential for seeing a port of the game on next-gen consoles and PC. The game producer says that the idea is under consideration. For now, it seems, the company has set its eyes towards improving the game through updates.

Striking a balance

For a game that has been dormant for so long, another interest comes to the notion of the challenges that came with the game’s revival. Igarashi admits that the difficulty mostly boils down to which elements from the original to retain and which to alter. Ultimately, leading to the idea of working on the project as if it’s a new IP.

The industry can, at times, be a place of exclusivity. This raises a concern involving content disparity should the game finally sees a PS4 launch. Dispelling the worry about Switch owners potentially getting left out in terms of contents, Igarashi says that there won’t be any difference between the two releases.

Image used courtesy of Game Clips and Tips/YouTube Screenshot

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