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‘Bright Memory: Infinite’ shows off new action trailer


Players now get more insight into Bright Memory: Infinite with a new trailer out. Solo dev FYQD released the trailer showing off high-paced action in their superb trailer.

Bright Memory: Infinite is another bombastic first-person hack and slash title. The combat is unique, combining the stylish action of Devil May Cry with Call of Duty FPS fights. It’s one of the stellar titles from the Inside Xbox Series X showcase that’s worth a look.

Bright Memory combines tropes from different games

Bright Memory is one weird game that feels like a mishmash of different titles. Based on the previous and latest trailers, the game feels bombastic. It combines the combat of Devil May Cry with FPS titles like Bioshock and Call of Duty.

Players can use blades to slash and juggle enemies in the air for different combos. At the same time, gamers can use fluid slides and slow-time mechanics like Vanquish. The game wraps these up with a ton of guns from CoD and plasmid-like skills from Bioshock.

If the combination of tropes seems very random, they are. The game takes all these, mix them in a blender, and somehow make them work. It doesn’t help, however, that the story is a convoluted mess of sci-fi and mysticism in what seems like future Beijing.

The game takes place in 2036, with mysterious weather events hitting the world. Several soldiers clad in armor invade, together with what seems to be spirit warriors. Players take on the role of Shelia, a Lara Croft-style commando that kicks major butt.

Bright Memory needs to improve everything else

Bright Memory: Infinite seems like a superb game with a lot of good points. It’s not for everyone, however, especially the visual design and art direction. Much of the game relies on Unreal Engine and stock assets from different creators.

It doesn’t help that many of the assets clash against each other. There is a purchasable demo available for around US$10[AU$14], but it’s not worth it. It’s a 30-min demo game that players can finish in 20 minutes.

There is a ton of backtracking on the demo, with complaints on HUD elements blocking the view. The entire concept is interesting, but it needs more work. The lone bright spot for the game so far is the combat, and it nets you the full game for free once it’s out.

Combat feels clean and fluid. Shelia is a great character to play, and her lithe acrobatics offer high-speed fights. If FYQD can improve on everything else on the demo, the game should be awesome.

Bright Memory: Infinite is still under development with no release date in sight. Players should hope it won’t take another six years.

Images courtesy of FYQD-Studio/Youtube Screenshot

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