Brigitte next in line for rework in ‘Overwatch’

The support heroes in Overwatch get reworks from time-to-time as they serve an important role in the team. During the recent Experimental Mode, Moira had several changes to her to get players into healing more, and it seems like there’s another support hero that’s about to change.

Since being added to the game, Brigitte has been one of the most prominent support characters in the game. Her ability to heal her team during intense firefights make her a must even in the upper echelons of Overwatch

Aside from her AoE healing, Brigitte is also capable of pocket heal her teammates by giving them armor packs. It’s a pretty easy skill to use. However, Blizzard feels that it can be improved for better utility which is why she’s next in line for a rework.

Repair Pack up for a rework

Brigitte’s Repair Pack currently comes with three charges that can heal an ally for up to 110 HP in two seconds. If the ally’s HP is full, then Brigitte can grant them temporary 50 armor using Repair Pack. It’s a skill best used for low HP heroes like Tracer and Zenyatta.

In the developer’s discord channel, Houston Outlaws’ Jake Lyon suggested to the developers that the amount of armor given by Brigitte should scale depending on the target hero’s base HP. His suggestion will make higher HP heroes get more out of Brigette’s skill.

This means that Brigitte will be more useful to tank and support heroes by giving them a huge amount of armor. Jeff Kaplan says that they are working on making reworks to Brigette and shields in general. As per Kaplan, they are debating about shields currently.

This could mean a lot of things and not just for Brigitte in general. Some players are guessing that shields will be removed in Overwatch but this is unlikely as there are a lot of heroes that have shields as part of their ultimates.

When will the changes arrive?

It’s very likely that the changes won’t arrive anytime soon. Since the changes have been just recently uncovered, we may have to wait a while first. Even when it does arrive, it’s likely that the changes will first hit the Experimental Mode.

As one of the most popular heroes in OverwatchBlizzard needs to be careful with what they do with Brigitte’s Repair Pack as this could make or break compositions in the game.


Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch/YouTube

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