British Government launches new public information campaign

The British Government had launched more public information campaigns and tightened its message against COVID-19.

The British Government launches a new public information campaign and banned gatherings of more than six people.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the new limits in England are set to stay in place for the “foreseeable future” until complete comeback or through Christmas of this year.

The British Health Secretary added that the new limits come into existence starting from Monday, September 14. This restriction applies to both indoor and outdoor gatherings. It will provide clarity to the people and let them be aware of the recent spikes of coronavirus cases.

People have been confused due to improper awareness over the past few months. Scientists arise to clear people’s confusion and stay critical in containing the pandemic. Hancock told BBC radio, “It is super-easy.”

Some exemptions to new limitations

The British Government hopes the new limitations will be understood and followed by people. In the new regulations, there are some exemptions applicable to schools, colleges, workplaces, funerals, and wedding events. People who break the rule without proper permission from the higher official could be fined £100 for the first offense and up to £3,200.

The restrictions are announced on late Tuesday and have come into action starting Monday. The other nations of the UK, such as Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, have not followed the restriction. However, it follows their own but different regulation.

Stephen Griffin, a professor in medical school at the University of Leeds, proclaimed the new limitations are welcomed and announced at the right time. He also added that the rules to be followed by all nations together with intelligence and various successful approaches could be acknowledged.

Meanwhile, the British Government took the huge responsibility of looking after people’s health and said the restrictions are required after bulk peaks of confirmed positive cases in coronavirus. On Sunday, the total confirmation of positive cases hit nearly around 3,000.

Turn this around before Christmas

Hancock believes that if the new restrictions are applied to local towns and regions, banning unnecessary gatherings indoors and outdoors can reduce the number of cases and will turn around before Christmas. He also added the advice to keep social distancing to avoid getting a chance of positive results.

Hancock said the limitations would be set off with taut rules for the hospitality sector. For the sake of the Government’s test and trace program, the pubs and restaurants are required to collect the contact information of every customer legally. Boris Johnson, the UK’s Prime Minister, will deliver more details on a new set of restrictions on late Wednesday after meeting the public press in the House of Commons.

Chris Witty, the Government’s chief medical officer, states that following these legal rules helps people to protect themselves from being attacked by the unseen enemy and to create a rapid change in reducing the transmission of coronavirus.

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