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British Royal Family 1969 documentary ‘briefly’ resurfaced on YouTube


Queen Elizabeth reportedly banned the 1969 documentary from BBC, featuring members of the British Royal Family.

The British Royal Family is facing new sets of controversies these past few weeks. After their infamous documentary resurfaced online, speculations developed as to who leaked the material on YouTube earlier this month.

CNN reported that it remains unclear, as well, how the documentary titled, Royal Family was unearthed. But, despite the mysterious turn out of events, the platform immediately removed the video after a copyright request emerged.

About the British Royal Family documentary

Royal Family dropped on small screens in 1969. It followed the day-to-day lives of the main members of the British Royal Family for one whole year. Reports also said that it provided an “unprecedented look” inside the royal residences and households, as well as their royal engagements and official meetings.

Upon its release, the BBC estimated over 30 million individuals in the United Kingdom watched the material and 350 million people worldwide. As a result, the 110-minute film remains to be one of the U.K.’s “most-viewed television broadcasts.”

Months after it aired, though, Buckingham Palace, particularly Queen Elizabeth, allegedly requested to “bury” it away in the BBC archive. No one has ever seen it again since the 1970s until earlier this month.

How the public learned about it today

The interest of the public toward the British Royal Family’s infamous documentary recently increased due to Netflix’s The Crown. In 2019, the show’s third season featured the dramatized production of the material in one of its episodes, according to Town & Country.

The royal-based series also suggested that the British Royals had concerns after watching themselves on screen. It seemingly depicted that the family had worries that the documentary was “too intrusive and revealing.”

Apart from this, the show implied, as well, that the public had a negative reaction toward the documentary. As portrayed, several individuals appear to have criticized the royals for being “out of touch” with reality.

Why YouTube removed the leaked video

On Thursday, YouTube took down the uploaded copy of the 1969 documentary. Some publications speculated that it was the BBC that requested the copyright. While the corporation has yet to confirm, it did not dispute nor deny the assertions.

BBC News, later on, reported that an account from the platform carrying the name of “Philip Strangeways” was the one that leaked the material. But, despite being swift in removing the video, it already received about 10,000 views. It is likely that they are all avid fans and followers of the British Royal Family.

Images courtesy of The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

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