British Royals who cried, broke down in public revealed

British Royals who cried, broke down in public revealed

British Royals are popular for their “stiff upper lip” rule.

All eyes are always on the British Royals. With their high-profile status in society, the public is always watching over every step and move they make.

While the members of the Royal Family in the United Kingdom reportedly have this “stiff upper rule,” there were instances that they shockingly went in tears amid engagements and appearances. One of them is even Queen Elizabeth II, according to the Daily Express.

Queen Elizabeth lists as one of the British Royals who cried in an engagement

All British Royals, especially the senior working ones, are always present during the annual Remembrance Day event. This holiday is reportedly an “emotional day” as the public remembers all fallen soldiers of the First World War.

Back in 2019, the Sunday service at the Cenotaph reportedly brought Queen Elizabeth into tears. As reported, the event “overwhelmed” her. The same thing almost reportedly happened, as well, in 2002, when she visited the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey.

Kate Middleton getting teary in a hospice

Kate Middleton also reportedly belongs in the list of the British Royals who went in tears before the public. In an engagement back in 2014, the Duchess of Cambridge attended an event at the East Anglia Children’s Hospices. She was pregnant with Princess Charlotte, the reports added.

Following an attendee’s speech at the event, the future Queen Consort reportedly got teary-eyed. She even reportedly “hugged” the speaker, who reportedly lost her three-month-old baby due to a rare heart condition.

Kate Middleton getting teary in a hospice

York Princesses shed tears in an online engagement

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie recently had an online engagement on Zoom. The York Princesses reportedly listened to an 85-year-old grandmother, Enid Waterfall, who shared her experience in raising funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

She has reportedly continued to raise funds to carry on with her late grandson’s work. As stated, her grandson, Richard, died in 2019 due to a rare form of cancer.

As the two British Royals listened to her, they reportedly became emotional, according to Hello! magazine.

Emotions overcame Prince Harry

Prince Harry attended the WellChild Awards in 2019. The same publication said that emotions “overcame” him amid his speech for the event.

His speech reportedly centered on reminiscing his and his wife, Meghan Markle’s moment, last year in the same event. As revealed, they were pregnant at that time, and no one else knew, except for them.

The royal-born Prince then shared that, speaking at the event, which reportedly celebrates the “inspirational qualities” of children, pulls his “heartstrings.”

These are only some of the British Royals who cried and shed tears in their public engagements. Other royals reportedly include Meghan Markle, the late Princess Diana, Princess Charlotte, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.


Images courtesy of (1)The Royal Family Channel/YouTube & (2)Real Royalty/YouTube

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