British Royals: Who is the ‘most googled’ royal of 2020?

British Royals: Who is the 'most googled' royal of 2020?

News about the British Royals is among the top, trendy topics of 2020.

2020 will reach its conclusion in less than a week. As the new year fastly approaches, many individuals seemingly wonder what most people read about on the internet in the last 12 months. While COVID-19 certainly, tops most of the lists, news about British Royals also appears to have piqued the interest of the public.

In line with this, Cheat Sheet revealed which members of the British Royal Family have attracted the attention of the majority. Based on the results, the “most googled” royal became a shock as this person is not the most popular.

Meghan Markle is this year’s most googled British Royal

The publication reported that the results came from Banc, a digital PR agency. The institution compiled the data using the Google Trends’ calculator.

Upon inputting the names of the British Royals in the platform, Meghan Markle comes on top of the list. Queen Elizabeth places on the third spot, while Prince Harry comes next to his wife.

The agency, later on, noted in the analysis of the results that the Duchess of Sussex obtained a score of 18/100 in the Google Trends score. As for the British Monarch, she had a total score of 10/100.

The scores may appear “too low” based on the figures alone. But, Blanc explained that, despite the Queen’s placement on the list, she is “arguably” the most famous person in the world today. The nearly 50,000 news articles about her per month seemingly justify this notion.

The most searched royals in the past

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit earlier this year accounted for most of the searches in 2020. It is not surprising, considering they made a move that has shocked the world to the core.

But, the trends are no longer new as the Duchess of Sussex already obtained the same spot in the previous years. In 2018, the same agency named her as the most googled individual among all British Royals. Reports explained that her wedding to Prince Harry earlier that year most likely paved the way for many individuals to search for and about her on the internet.

Similarly, Yahoo! UK said that the former actress topped their lists, as well, for both 2018 and 2019. The publication even noted that the so-called “Meghan Effect” showed “zero signs” of fading during those years.

Despite this, though, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not some of the most popular British Royals in recent years. While many individuals continue to search for their names on the internet, YouGov‘s popularity polls show that not many people are in favour of them.

Featured image courtesy of The Royal Family/YouTube

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