British Royals ‘reached out’ to Sussexes after devastating miscarriage?

British Royals 'reached out' to Sussexes after devastating miscarriage?

Did the alleged feud between the British Royals and Sussexes already end after the latter suffered a miscarriage? Royal experts believe so.

British Royals have always maintained their privacy despite having the spotlight. They rarely make comments on issues, no matter how controversial they are.

This remains evident in recent weeks, even after Meghan Markle opened up about her miscarriage. But, royal experts and commentators claimed that some senior royals already “reached out” to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex behind closed doors, according to the Daily Express.

Senior British Royals were “in touch” with the Sussex couple

Meghan Markle revealed in an open essay for The New York Times that she suffered a miscarriage earlier in July. She opened up about the “devastating” tragedy later in November, sharing the details of what happened.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Katie Nicholl claimed that all of the British Royals have already “reached out” to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Sources told her that senior members of the royal Firm, like Prince William and Kate Middleton, were “in touch” with the former working royals back in July.

The royal author continued that challenges like this could help “heal rifts” between members of a family. This provides the opportunity to “bring the family back together, Nicholl added.

She noted, however, that it remains unclear whether the royals were “aware” of the Sussex couple’s plan to go public with their tragedy. But, she emphasized how this encourages “communication” among them all.


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Royal “fab four” stayed connected

Finding Freedom’s co-author, Omid Scobie, echoed Katie Nicholl’s words. He asserted that Prince Harry and Prince William had several “private conversations” when Prince Charles contracted the deadly coronavirus earlier this year.

Scobie then said that the situation is the same with Meghan Markle’s miscarriage. The “foursome” likely stayed “in touch” and checked in on one another.

“Sadness” around the British Royal Family

The British Royals’ formal offices released official statements about the controversy. Style Caster reported that almost all of the senior royals’ offices said the same thing after Meghan Markle’s essay titled, The Loss We Share, went public on November 25.

Queen Elizabeth’s office said that she would not make a comment on the “deeply personal issue.” Likewise, Prince Charles’ spokesperson stated that he would do the same toward the “private” matter. In the end, though, sources told publications that there is “a lot of sadness” among the British Royals.


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