Britney Spears ‘afraid’ of her father, loses bid to remove him as conservator

In the lengthy court battle between Britney Spears and her father, Jamie, the former loses the right to remove her father as a conservator.

Inside the latest improvement in the criminal conflict between Britney Spears and her father, Jamie Spears, over management of Britney’s profession and price range, Los Angeles advanced courtroom decides Brenda Penny upheld Jamie’s conservatorship of his daughter at the hearing last Tuesday.

However, in recent news, Britney has said that she is still considering future ways to remove Jamie as her conservator.

The old conservatorship is growing hot

Jamie was appointed as Britney’s conservator in 2008 and has remained in that position for 12 years, even though that conservatorships are usually temporary and handiest reserved for the “old, infirm and mentally disabled,” step with the l. A. instances.

Simultaneously, as Jamie stepped down as a conservator of Britney’s man or woman in September 2019, he remained the conservator of her property, even though the singer’s fans want to have him eliminated.

“We all know that Britney is facing a difficult journey right now. It is hard for her to convey to the regards and whatever is going on. She has and always be grateful for the fans who have shown nothing but love and gratitude towards her since the very start.”

“She is really happy that her fans think highly of her and wants her to have a good life altogether. This is why she wants to take the time out and wants everyone to understand that she is doing good for herself,” a close friend tells the source.

We all know that Spears is a strong person who has been through a lot in her life. The recent conservatorship has been bad for the singer since she has not been able to keep her mental stability upkeep for the growing court tensions.

Fans are worried about Britney Spears’ health

Fans may be worried regarding their idol being “afraid” following the disappointing hearing outcome. However, Spears has proved time and time again that she is more potent than some assume.

A recent video uploaded to the singer’s Instagram shows that the singer is enjoying a boxing session with her personal trainer. She wants to tell that every problem in everyone’s life can be boxed away.

The singer also seems to take it lightly while she went missing on Instagram for one week straight before the new court hearings.

Image courtesy of Kobby Dagan/Shutterstock

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