Britney Spears going bald for too much dying rumor debunked


Britney Spears has been dyeing her hair for years, and one tabloid claimed that she is going bald due to this habit.

Britney Spears is reportedly losing her hair soon and might use a wig for the rest of her life, according to Globe. Check out the truth behind the story.

Britney Spears going bald rumors

Globe published a report with a headline that read, Britney To Look Like A Billiard Ball. The article alleged that the pop star is destined to lose all her hair because she frequently dyes it.

It also quoted an anonymous insider who claimed that Spears has been “suffering from years of abuse, and if she’s not careful, she’ll lose it all and be in a wig for the rest of her life!”

The outlet also noted how the Baby One More Time singer had bounced back and forth between being a blonde and brunette. The tabloid pointed out that she was sporting brown hair in early October and just recently, she dyed her hair again to platinum blonde. It concluded that her hair is on the verge of falling out.

The insider went on and described Spears’ hair as “a fried, tangled, knotty mess.” The tipster even suggested that Spears should ditch her hairdryer, condition her hair and pick a color and stick with it.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop refuted the report about Britney Spears going bald simply because she dyes her hair frequently. The rumor-debunking site said it is “flat-out wrong.”

First, it’s not medically possible for one to go bald from hair dye, the outlet explained. One’s hair may all out if it becomes too brittle, but the condition isn’t permanent.

The outlet also quoted an article on DermatologyTimes explaining why hair coloring is not to blame for hair loss.

The “hair beneath the scalp that has not yet emerged cannot be reached by hair dye and thus hair dye cannot fundamentally cause hair loss,” the article read. It also pointed out that any damage done is temporary and won’t cause hair loss or make one go bald.

Gossip Cop also pointed out how the tabloid peddled the bogus premise before. Apparently, two years ago, its sister publication, the National Enquirer, published a similar story. It claimed that Kim Kardashian was suffering the same fate as Britney Spears – that they were going bald due to dyeing their hair. But Kardashian’s hairstylist denied it by sharing his methods in keeping the reality star’s hair healthy.

Globe also had a reputation for publishing false reports about Spears. For instance, earlier this year, it claimed that Spears was getting electroshock treatments and was “fighting for her sanity in a psych ward” which wasn’t true.


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