Britney Spears heartbreak: Why it’s impossible for Britney to have a baby now

Amid her ongoing court battle, Britney Spears’ conservatory prevents her from starting a family with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

In a recent episode of the “Calababes Podcast,” her makeup artist, Maxi, dropped a shocking revelation about the pop princess’s personal life.

She claims that the multi-awarded singer wanted to marry and have kids with her 26-year-old boyfriend; however, her legal situation forbids her from making major decisions.

“I can tell you what they’re still controlling to this day is whether she has a baby or not, whether she gets married or not, who her friends are, and those are some big things.”

The 38-year-old pop star has two kids named Sean Federline, 15, and Jayden Federline, 14, whom she shares with ex-husband and former back-up dancer, Kevin Federline.

Britney Spears’ worst nightmare

In addition, she compared the “Baby One More Time” hitmaker’s state to the 1990 dystopian film, “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

“We’re talking about some Handmaid’s Tale-type things to keep her from having a baby. Like, we’re talking … I can’t detail it, and I’m not gonna specifically say, but I will say for sure, she would’ve had a baby by now. She would’ve probably been married to [boyfriend] Sam [Asghari] by now. She would have groups of friends around her.”

Jamie Spears “strained” daughter’s relationship with Sam Asghari

Furthermore, the makeup artist went to disclose that her 68-year-old father strained her relationship with the Iranian-American model in the early days of their romance.

“At that time, she was under the conservatorship basically controlled by the father, but even at that time, she was able to bring in Sam as a boyfriend,” he revealed. “Now Sam was put through hell by the father and I can’t detail all the things that he went through, but he went through a lot of hell to even be with her.”

It has been 12-years since the blonde bombshell entered into a conservatorship after a series of her public breakdown in 2008, involving the infamous head-shaving incident and even attacked a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella.

This prompted her parents to put her under a psychiatric hospital, which is known as 5150.

In that same year, Britney Spears began her conservatorship after her father, Jamie, filed a petition requesting an emergency “temporary” conservatorship, per the Los Angeles Times.

With this, he has been the sole conservator and holds the right to oversee the pop star’s decision involving her multi-million estate, business deals, health, and even her personal life.

However, after almost a decade, the Disney alum’s father stepped down as the legal guardian after being accused of physically abusing her eldest son, Sean.

People cited Spears’ longtime “care-manager” Jodi Montgomery took over the role.

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