Britney Spears prepares for the conservatorship hearing — virtually


Britney Spears prepares herself for the conservatorship hearing virtually.

Following the ugly exchange between Britney Spears and her father, Jamie, the two will face each other again this month.

On Monday, the Los Angeles County Superior Court revealed that Britney will appear remotely for the hearing on June 23. It means that everyone else involved will also be witnessing the event online.

“Limited seating will be available in the courtroom and in an overflow courtroom with a live audio feed from the courtroom,” the press release revealed, adding that supporters can “listen remotely to the hearing.”

It then noted that cameras will not be allowed to ensure Britney’s privacy.

LA Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny will preside the conservatorship case. This marks Britney’s first time to address the judge.

What Britney Spears’ hearing will tackle

Before the scheduled hearing takes place, a source told Page Six that Britney and his legal team want Jamie removed from the case.

“She feels that ending the conservatorship entirely can always be discussed down the road. But right now the issue is Jamie,” the insider said.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s attorneys demand the singer to cover his father’s legal fees. The declaration covers the compensation and attorney fees her father spent. It will, reportedly, serve as the reimbursement of costs.

In addition, Jamie seeks compensation as Britney’s conservator from Nov. 1, 2019, to Feb. 28, 2021. The amount includes $16,000 per month of salary and $2,000 monthly for the office’s expenses.

Months ago, the judge already approved the payments until Oct. 31, 2019.

“I am authorized and allowed to receive compensation through my personal services corporation Spears Management, Inc., for services performed as Conservator of the Estate of Britney Jean Spears,” the filing revealed.

Britney’s attempts to remove Jamie

The upcoming hearing was not the first time she tried to get rid of his father from her conservatorship.

In 2020, her lawyer stated that the client fears her father. As a result, Britney does not want to perform again if Jamie will continue to handle her career.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles superior court judge Brenda Penny declined the request and allowed Jamie to continue working for the conservatorship. During that time, Penny said Britney could file petitions again, and that explains the upcoming hearing this month.

Currently, the financial company Bessemer Trust works as co-conservator over Britney and her estates.

Her fans continuously support her and ask to #FreeBritney until the singer gets rid of her father.

One fan said, “This is a bad decision by the judge. She should present herself so the judge can get a better take on her oral skills and demeanor. Will she be coached? Will she be medicated?’

“Give this lady her money back. This is bull,” another added.

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