Britney Spears says conservatorship stopped her from becoming a mother

Britney Spears spoke for the first time since her conservatorship began, and she revealed one of the most heartbreaking parts yet.

On Wednesday, the world finally found out where the #FreeBritney movement began as Britney Spears herself revealed her life story.

Spears told the court the struggles she has been facing because of the conservatorship. She also referred to its as something abusive that ended up traumatizing her.

In the same appearance, the singer outed the truth how her father, Jamie Spears, has been so protective over her life. In fact, Jamie, reportedly, limited her life in some important ways.

For instance, Jamie, reportedly, stopped her from marrying Sam Asghari, who she has been dating since 2016.

“I would like to progressively move forward and I want to have the real deal, I want to be able to get married and have a baby,” she said. “I was told right now in the conservatorship, I’m not able to get married or have a baby.”

She added that they implanted an IUD inside her body to prevent her from getting pregnant. Because of this, she remains unable to bear a child.

As of the writing, she shares two sons — Sean Preston and Jayden James — with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

In the end, she told the judge the conservatorship brings her more harm than good.

What a legal expert thinks of Spears’ conservatorship

Following the release of the bombshell statement, legal expert Neama Rahmani said that the strict conservatorship is bizarre.

The president of West Coast Trial Lawyers said that Spears has been under a totally abnormal conservatorship. He noted that the singer does not it in the first place.

“This is totally abnormal because it is very strange for someone who is young, who is successful [to be] in conservatorship. So these things rarely happen,” he told Fox News.

However, he noted that the conservators do not violate any HIPAA violation. This is because they have total and complete control over medical decisions.

Thus, birth control remains appropriate in conservatorships, and the use of IUD has been allowed. But it is only applicable to the people who are under the program that are actually mentally unwell.

As the conservatorship began running 13 years ago, Rahmani suggested that it should be ended to have Spears learn how to live her life again.

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