Brooklyn Nets players tested positive on COVID-19, playoff chances slim

DeAndre Jordan and Spencer Dinwiddie tested positive on COVID-19, playoff chances slim

Brooklyn Nets’ DeAndre Jordan and Spencer Dinwiddie tested positive for the coronavirus. The rest of the team may be in shambles since most of the key players have decided to back out.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) restart is about to start in a few weeks. However, as teams try to prepare, it looks like the Brooklyn Nets could miss out on a playoff hunt.

DeAndre Jordan just tweeted recently that he got a confirmation for testing positive for coronavirus and it looks like ESPN has also confirmed it, together with Spencer Dinwiddie.

In addition, sources from ESPN said that the Nets are planning to sign a substitute for DeAndre Jordan.

Most of the Nets’ key players opt-out for the season restart

To make matters worse for the Brooklyn Nets, combo guard Spencer Dinwiddie has also contracted COVID-19.

Dinwiddie criticized the U.S. government the other day by pointing his jersey number to the massive debt that they incurred. Despite his intentions of wanting to play again, it looks like fans won’t be able to see him in action. However, he’s not ruled out yet by the NBA.

Wilson Chandler also told ESPN that he also opted out of the season’s restart due to family concerns and the Nets organization is planning to sign Justin Anderson as his replacement.

The two Brooklyn stars, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant don’t plan on playing at the season restart due to injuries, as per CBS Sports. In addition, their rookie big man Nicolas Claxton just had his surgery that would also keep him out.

Nets most likely out of the playoff picture if others don’t elevate

With a chunk of important players missing in action for the NBA restart, it looks like getting a playoff spot would take a miracle especially with the current lineup they have.

However, missing the playoffs won’t hurt much for the Nets, per CBS Sports, since they owe their first-round pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves, but not if it lands in the top 14.

If they decide to keep their pick this offseason, they’d send their choice to Minnesota for next season since Durant and Irving would most likely be healthy and the roster is already stacked.

Without the presence of DeAndre Jordan and most likely Spencer Dinwiddie, it looks like the chances of the Brooklyn Nets of being a contender are down the drain.

However, it looks like Jarrett Allen will have a chance to impress the Nets organization at Disney to regain his starting role for next season.

The interim coach Jacque Vaughn has taken minutes off Jarrett Allen to make way for DeAndre Jordan but with him testing positive for COVID-19, it looks like the young blood needs to step-up his game.

Regardless of the presence of the coronavirus, the NBA restart pushes through.

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