‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 8: Is it moving forward amidst BLM protests?

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' season 8: Is it moving forward amidst BLM protests?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most well-loved comedy series on TV. But will it still be moving forward to season 8 despite the current protests against cops in the U.S.?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is heading to its eighth season soon. It was renewed back in November 2019 and since then fans have been waiting for its arrival.

But since the show is an American police procedural sitcom, many are wondering if it’s going to be affected by the current issue surrounding the Black Lives Matter protest.

Canceled cops-based shows

The comedy series has provided entertainment to several homes during the peak of the COVID-19 quarantine. Season 7 was still ongoing then and was highly revered among fans for the enjoyment it brought while stuck at home.

But since George Floyd’s death on May 25, the sentiments have shifted. People in the United States and all over the world are protesting against practices of police violence.

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to go to the streets to rally and fight for justice, as well as eradicate white supremacy.

The image of cops is tainted, including those of on TV shows. In fact, CopsAmerica’s longest-running series on pro-police propaganda, was canceled.

It ran for 32 seasons but Spike TV still opted to yank it out from its schedule permanently. A&E Network has also canceled the police reality series Live PD in response to the police brutality.

Will the show move forward to season 8?

Now is clearly not a good time for police procedural shows. However, Screen Rant noted that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has very little similarity to a show like Cops.

The series by Dan Goor and Michael Schur also continues to thrive because of its devoted fanbase, which rallied behind the show when Fox canceled it after five seasons.

NBC saved the series and since then, its ratings have remained largely consistent. Season 7 even received the highest audience score yet on Rotten Tomatoes.

This is also why NBC has no problems of renewing it for an eighth run, aside from that it has received several accolades through the years.

But as of now, it still remains to be seen what are the future plans of NBC for the show. Although it’s possible that they will resume normal operations soon amidst the pandemic restrictions loosening up.

Season 8 story plots

Season 7 ended with Jake becoming a new father. Should the show move forward to the next season, it’s expected that it will follow Jake juggling fatherhood and his career as an NYPD detective.

It’s also still to be known whether the comedy series will tackle the very serious current issues the world is facing today including police brutality and COVID-19.

Until now, there is still no news on Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 premiere date. Fans will have to stay tuned for more updates.

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