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Browser war ensues as Microsoft sets target towards Google Chrome


Microsoft shocks the tech community after it decides to forcibly add the Edge browser to its Windows 10 PCs via a Windows Update.

In a bold move, the tech giant brings the Edge browser to millions of devices. Microsoft confirms that the browser is available on Windows 10 versions 1803, 1809, 1903, and 1909.

This recent move from the tech giant is a clear declaration of war against the current leader: Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge, which is also based on the same Chromium browser, is slowly chipping away that Chrome’s lead. The browser will further improve its position with this latest update.

Browser war

Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer as the company’s default browser. Since its official release, the browser has slowly climbed the ranks until it reaches the number two spot.

The Edge browser packs quite a several features that can rival that of Google Chrome. For one, Edge has a tool that can hide all notification prompts when the user is browsing the internet. As a response to working at home conditions, the Edge has an update that allows for easy Profile Switching.

While Chrome does have a clear advantage, a lot of its rivals are slowly catching up to it. With Edge, Microsoft aims to once again hold the title that Internet Explorer once held.

Chrome’s security and privacy issues

Although Google Chrome is ahead of the game, it is also facing quite a lot of backlash lately. Google is not exactly known as a champion defender of user security and privacy. Some tech experts claim that Chrome might by spying its unknowing users.

Google is facing a lawsuit for this very issue. One lawsuit, in particular, claims that Chrome is harvesting user data even in Incognito mode.

While Chrome does have its issues, Edge is also not in the clear. The browser is based on the same platform as that of Chrome, which is Chromium.

While users might prefer Edge if they want to escape over-reliance on Google tools, it does have its flaws. A recent study reveals that Edge is harvesting user browsing data and device identifiers. This information is then sent to a server.

On a similar note, some users find Microsoft’s tactics to be very annoying. Windows Update is usually an outlet for critical system and security updates. Some people find it annoying that Microsoft will use this same platform to promote its browser.

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