BTOB 4U shares current goals as a unit

BTOB 4U shares the reactions of the enlisted members regarding their unit debut and its current goals.

On November 16, the unit BTOB 4U held a showcase for its first mini-album INSIDE. Following the three oldest group members’ mandatory military service discharge, a new team is up for work.

BTOB 4U is a new unit that consists of members Eunkwang, Changsub, Lee Minhyuk, and Peniel.

How did they end up picking BTOB 4U?

Regarding the unit debut, Eunkwang commented that he is nervous. They prepared diligently, worked hard in all honesty, and even dripped sweat while working on the song’s performance.

He hopes that the performance they will give will convey the same comfort that people will feel. Lee Minhyuk added that they received various suggestions from their unit name but ended up picking 4U.

The commitment

Although Eunkwang released his solo mini-album after his military discharge, INSIDE is also the first music release of Changsub and Lee Minhyuk.

Changsub stated that after his discharge, he committed all his time to the album. To debut as a new unit after his post-discharge comeback has made him felt nervous and excited. He has the feeling of a rookie debuting.

The message of the song

The title track, Show Your Love of INSIDE, is a song written by Hyunsik before his enlistment. The music conveys a message of hope in loving one another during difficult times.

Lee Minhyuk explained why they chose the song. The reason is that it is their first time to be promoting together after two years.

They also received different songs of various styles as they worked hard, but they decided to pick Show Your Love. It is a great song that will fit well with the difficult situation the world is facing right now.


Image courtesy of BTOB 비투비 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube Screenshot

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