BTOB Sungjae and Hyunsik are now back from the military!


On September 28, 47 days before their formal release, BTOB’s Sungjae and Hyunsik made an unofficial homecoming from the military.

Members of the K-pop group BTOB may finally see the group complete not long after releasing their newest sub-unit album, Outside. With the military enlistment of members Yook Sungjae and Im Hyunsik, the six-member group was reduced to a quartet, becoming the BTOB 4U sub-unit.

Fans were eager to hear the new album after BTOB 4U’s successful performance on the variety program Kingdom: Legendary War. The new BTOB album was warmly received, with 13,808 copies sold on the first day of its release, and the album peaked at Number 2 on Gaon’s Weekly Album Charts.

Is BTOB genuinely done with the service?

Melody fans may breathe a sigh of relief if members Sungjae and Hyunsik return safely from the military, as rumors from September 28 indicate that the two have returned informally. BTOB is almost complete with the two members returning home, despite their stated homecoming date of November 11.

Fans of OT7 continue to hope for more, claiming that Sungjae and Hyunsik’s return from the military is just the beginning. These admirers are eagerly anticipating Illhoon’s comeback. Jung Illhoon, BTOB’s primary rapper, had to quit the group in December of 2020. Illhoon was sentenced to two years in jail for illicit marijuana use in June 2021.

Illhoon’s fans’ are eagerly anticipating his comeback

Fans who empathize with Illhoon know that the six members had not entirely given up hope of his return, as they referenced him from time to time, either by mistake or on purpose.

In an interview on September 4, Changsub inadvertently referenced Ilhoon. Fans got a glimpse of Minhyuk, who was startled, and his eyes widened as he realized he had messed up. Eunkwang, the group’s leader, attempted to hide it by saying they adored Sungjae and Hyunsik.

Fans of K-pop will be aware that when a group member quits due to a controversy, the remaining members do not speak about that person until they have been exonerated of all allegations.

While Illhoon was found guilty, members of BTOB offered supporters optimism that he could rejoin the group in the future. Small victories like this have boosted supporters’ hopes for a BTOB comeback in OT7. Melodys, on the other hand, are delighted to welcome Sungjae and Hyunsik.


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