BTS fans’ new discoveries about Jin in 2021 exposed

BTS fans' new discoveries about Jin in 2021 exposed

BTS member Jin recently discovered his allergies to certain food ingredients.

BTS continues to increase their fanbase these past few years. With their apparent success and fame, it is not surprising why many people across the globe remain loyal to the septet.

While the seven K-Pop artists have yet to return to their tours and fan meet-up events, fans are still able to catch up with the South Korean idols via their variety web show, Run BTS. In the latest installments, ARMYs learned new shocking things about the members, especially Jin.

Jin is allergic to garlic and potato

Koreaboo recently released a list of the new things that BTS fans discovered about the oldest member. On top of it all, it stated that ARMYs obtained information about Jin’s allergies.

The publication said that many followers already know about his allergies to garlic. But, some individuals have only learned about his potato allergies recently.

In a recent episode of Run BTS, the “Epiphany” singer was not able to enjoy a dish with his co-members. He stayed away from the food because the rest of his bandmates that the main ingredient was potatoes.


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He eventually gave up his cooking hobbies

Jin loves food, and he likes to cook a lot. Cheat Sheet reported that he repeatedly showed off his cooking skills in some of the episodes of Run BTS.

Apart from their own variety web series, he even started his own food web series, Eat Jin. In the material, he would feature some of his favorite snacks and meals while chatting with some of the BTS fans.

However, upon discovering his allergies, Jin said that he had to give up his cooking hobbies. He disclosed this before the group’s fans in one of the latest installments of their show.

Other BTS fans’ latest discoveries about Jin

Alongside his surprising food allergies, ARMYs also discovered several other things about the BTS member. Through the latest episodes of Run BTS, fans and viewers have had the chance to get to know more about the K-Pop idols.

In Episode 129, the public witnessed how Jin is a “natural” tennis player. Many reportedly expected that J-Hope would ace the game because of his experience. But, to the surprise of many, Jin outdid him in the field.

BTS fans recently found out, as well, that Jin has a famous childhood friend. Earlier this year, several ARMYs uncovered an old photo of the K-Pop star, alongside Australian model and actor Mitchell Hope. It turns out that they met when they were young and have since maintained a good friendship.


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