BTS: ‘BE’ focuses on the ‘life goes on’ theme

BTS: 'BE' focuses on the 'life goes on' theme

BTS members are gearing for the release of “BE.”

Months have passed since the fans of BTS enjoyed a new album from the K-pop group. Amid the pandemic crisis, though, the seven members revealed that they would make another comeback in the second half of the year.

In July, the South Korean icons surprised the world when they announced about releasing a new single prior to their next album. The members shared that the single might help bring comfort and joy to everyone amid these trying times.

A month later, they dropped “Dynamite,” and has since continued to break records. The K-pop group has reached new heights because of their latest single.

But, they might continue doing so for the rest of the year as their new album is now on its way. It has the same theme as what their message conveyed during the United Nations General Assembly on September 23, according to Cheat Sheet.

BTS gave their second speech

In 2018, BTS first gave their speech at the United Nations, in partnership with UNICEF. The central theme of their message was all about self-care and self-love.

This year, however, their speech focused more on living life as it goes on. Each member of the group pondered on the thought and shared their respective experiences via video link.

The seven K-pop icons seemingly echoed each others’ notions. They largely centered on the pandemic crisis and how it has impacted them personally.

In the end, though, they agreed that despite all the challenges brought by the pandemic, it is vital for everyone to “live on.” They also reminded the world that “life goes on,” no matter what.

A new era this November

On Sunday, Big Hit Entertainment dropped its official announcement about the album, and that a “new era” for the group is about to emerge, according to Teen Vogue. The album titled BE will drop on November 20.

The publication continued that the seven members aim to convey a “powerful message” through the album. It will carry the theme, “life goes on,” despite the new normality.

There is little information about the entirety of the new tracks. But, the fandom can now make pre-orders for BE.

Hinting at the theme for months

In one of their previous live clips, members of the group shared a glimpse of their brainstorming sessions. RM, the leader of the group, reminded the members that their upcoming materials are about the “life goes on” theme.

As they continue to throw ideas for one of the music videos, BTS seemingly decided to go with the concept of showing the members’ “everyday scenes” combined with the “idealistic shots” of the outside world. It is the “best idea” to mix the two concepts, V added.

Featured image courtesy of SVMK MEG/YouTube

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