BTS doesn’t sacrifice safety in its choreography

BTS has been known as a group that never settles for less in terms of stage performances.

Although the group always delivers unmatched energy in performing choreographies, BTS never sacrifices the safety of everybody.

With the group’s variety of powerful and exceptional vocal tunes, they always nail their performances by matching it with their straight to the heart lyrics. Also, the limitless BTS choreography plays a vital role in the groups’ promotions and stage performances.

However, if taking risks is not worth risking, they always consider a plan not to suffer in the end.

The complicated choreographies

BTS’s powerful and creative songDionysus, is one of the impressive performances of the group. The septet creatively writes the lyrics about getting drunk in an artistic way.

Just as the song seems to look like another party track at first glance, they have expressed another deeper meaning. As they self-reflect on their positions as world stars, they expressed their zeal in creating art.

Furthermore, it’s not just about the lyrics that made the song astounding. It also received much love for stage performance. BTS members received praise for this fantastic, charismatic choreography using moveable tables and chairs.

However, as the group realized that the choreography compromises the members’ safety, they suddenly changed during their tour. Notedly, the choreography caused injuries and deemed dangerous for the members.

One instance revealed was when Jungkook banged his chin on the ground as he was seen touching his face in pain.

How BTS deal with an unlikely choreography

In the septet’s Dionysus Track, the part in which the five of the seven members fall to the ground has been changed to a slightly different dance.

The original choreography reveals RM and Suga in their rap part. The other five members turn and lean forward to fall straight to the ground. Later on, they changed this complicated dance choreography to stay sitting on the floor.

Before the change:

After the change:

While other Korean netizens praised BTS for the change in choreography, other netizens still look at the second choreography as tricky as the former since they will be straining their knees in several seconds.

Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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