BTS J-Hope’s growth as idol praised by netizens: ‘He’s a true gem’

After his groundbreaking homage to Michael Jackson and gaining respect from the nephew, Taj Jackson, BTS J-Hope received massive praises from fans with his very tangible growth as an idol.

Recently, BTS J-hope impressed the viewers of the 2020 MMA Awards with his very on point and fluid Michael Jackson dance moves.

The main dancer of the Grammy-nominated group BTS immediately trended Worldwide after an outstanding performance for Dynamite.

It’s about time for J-Hope to take the spotlight

The majestic seven have gained global recognition and are popular worldwide throughout its years of perseverance. It can’t be denied that some members are more popular than others.

However, with the noise the group is creating on different social media platforms, fans somehow recognize the group’s real gem.

In an online community, a fan uploaded that people recognize the true value of J-Hope more and more.

The fans shared that J-Hope is a member that keeps the group together and that everyone likes him.

The fans divulging their appreciation to Hobi

Moreover, fans pointed out that many people understand why all the BTS members love J-Hope.

And that they can see their affinity for him during their shows. More fans added praise about J-Hope as the post was made.

Fans expressed their love for the idol, saying that they really feel like J-Hope is someone filled with love and that they had goosebumps watching him dance at the Melon Music Awards.

Other fans also commented about J-Hope, saying that he is super nice and is so considerate of others. He’s always able to read the mood and takes care of the members so well.

More to fans’ affection for the idol, they shared, “Hobi is very professional, hardworking, warmhearted, and kindhearted. I think everyone can’t help but love J-Hope” and  “Even if J-Hope wasn’t an idol, he still probably would be successful in anything he does.”


Image courtesy of Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock

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