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Why BTS’ J-Hope is practically a modern ‘Prince’


J-Hope is reportedly the “cleanest” member of BTS.

BTS has become increasingly more popular in recent years. As people across the globe continue to discover the group’s talents and skills, the success of the seven K-Pop stars persists in reaching new heights.

With this, fans and followers try to learn more about the artists and how they live their personal lives. Many individuals make efforts to get to know each member further by understanding their personalities.

Koreaboo recently listed one of the members’ characteristics to help the fandom. As claimed, one of BTS’ rappers, J-Hope, has a “prince-like” personality because of many reasons.

He bows differently from the rest of BTS

On top of the list, the publication said that J-Hope has a very unique bow. His signature bow even received a nickname because he is the only one who does it.

The same outlet shared that many people refer to it as the “prince bow.” The BTS rapper reportedly does it all the time, especially when giving thanks and showing appreciation toward their fans. In proving this, the report accompanied several clips and photos of J-Hope, doing his popular and unique bow.

He has prince-like facial features

Apart from signature moves, the same publication said that J-Hope’s facial features and attributes make him look like a real prince. Primarily, he smiles like “royalty” as it captivates his audience.

Secondly, the report explained that the BTS member looks great in formal suits. Like a fairytale royal, he can “pull off” any sartorial piece. In fact, even if he does not wear formal pieces or a smart casual ensemble, he reportedly looks good in everything he wears.

J-Hope has a very humble and kind personality

While movements and looks do help him appear like a real-life “prince,” J-Hope’s personality seemingly makes up the whole equation of why reports consider him royalty. A separate report from Koreaboo details what the BTS World App developer had to say about the rapper.

As explained, an ARMY revealed what the developer experienced when working with the members of the K-Pop stars. The expert reportedly shared some information about J-Hope’s true personality and character behind cameras.

The 27-year-old South Korean artist is “polite from head to toe,” adding that he is “super friendly.” as well. Hoseok even calls the BTS’ staff members “hyung-nims,” which is a reference used to call an older brother or sister. Moreover, sources also mentioned that J-Hope is the “cleanest” and most-organized member of the group.

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