BTS Jimin celebrated his 26th birthday with astounding number of greetings

Jimin, the lead singer of the superstar group BTS, celebrated his 26th birthday with a bang as he was cheered and greeted by the whole world!

The Social Media King and Trending Emperor Jimin proved his massive influence once again as he set another record.

The BTS vocalist became the first and only individual to have 28 related keywords and hashtags simultaneously occupying Twitter’s worldwide trends.

Jimin broke his keywords and hashtags records, which dominated 20 spots of the worldwide trends last year for his birthday.

The fans ready for the hustle and bustle

The very supportive BTS members and ARMYs began a marathon of greeting posts on Twitter as soon as the clock struck midnight in Korea for the King of Pop.

With the massive support, Jimin trended in several countries immediately until he conquered the worldwide trending list.

A whopping 4.5 million tweets were recorded for #HappyJiminDay and 2.1 million for #HappyBirthdayJimin from all over the world.

The two mesmerizing hashtags both included among most tweeted top hashtags on Twitter within 24 hours of Jimin’s birthday.

What’s more impressive with the fans’ support of Jimin is that they made waves on Twitter and other sites as well.

In Google Search, the Serendipity singer trended with more than 20K searches.

It also became the No. 1 trending topic on Japan’s Twipple real-time trend, daily chart, and weekly chart. And in another site in Japan, Tsuiran, he also topped on real-time trends.

Furthermore, the Korean superstar also became the first and only person to dominate 24 trends in Korea simultaneously.

For Korean fans to show their support to the male idol, they filled the Korean public forum with birthday wishes and love for their nation’s pride.

The grateful Jimin

With the uproaring number of greetings Jimin received, the K-pop idol did not leave the members’ efforts and fans ignored.

Jimin posted his message of love for all the birthday greetings and messages with two gorgeous selcas. He made everyone excited after leaving a promise to interact with fans via VLive.

Moreover, Jimin shared another heartwarming message to fans. He shared that he is so happy that he celebrated his birthday with BTS’s beloved ARMYs this year.

“From now on, let’s take care of our health, let’s laugh a lot daily, and have a great time together. I love you,” Jimin added.

Image courtesy of piecesofmind jm/YouTube Screenshot

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