BTS Jimin defeats SUGA’s height, next target is J-Hope

BTS, with its engaging tracks, has defeated many singers on charts. However, BTS Jimin seems not done yet proving himself to his team. Now, one by one, he slowly surpasses his fellow members.

With the vast fanbase of BTS, many global fans worldwide claimed that they love BTS and its majesty.

The same group fanatics also declare that they will never let go of the seven-piece for their fantastic songs and exceptional performances.

BTS is also loved for its unmatched chemistry. The fans saw the members’ fondness for each other as they openly express their affection and affinity.

With the recognizable personalities and characters, fans are bound to have their bias of the members.

Fondness towards Jimin

Jimin, with his delicate visuals and his bubbly personality, has been receiving love from many BTS fans.

Just recently, on Twitter, a netizen shared a post which precisely shows why fans have no choice but to love the group’s stunner.

Jimin posted on November 13 on Twitter that included a photo of the result of his physical checkup. The posted picture showed two of Jimin’s height and weight from the year 2019 and 2020.

The post made by Jimin captioned, “My height…Wow!!” The photos also revealed that Jimin had grown 0.4 cm as he rose from 173.6 cm (5’8.3″) to 174 cm (5’8.5″).

Also, he made another tweet saying, “I caught up to Yoongi hyung’s height. J-Hope hyung is next, so prepare yourself.”

The amused fans

With the tweet of Jimin, many fans considered it adorable, knowing that the vocalist is the shortest member of BTS. But despite what others believe, Jimin claims that he’s always been taller than SUGA.

Meanwhile, BTS fans found it so adorable that Jimin was proud to be catching up to the height of SUGA.

Some Netizens commented, “Jimin is so excited. Lol,” “This is so super cute,” and “Look at how Jimin wanted to boast on Twitter. That’s so cute.”


Image courtesy of BANGTANFMTV/YouTube Screenshot

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