BTS Jimin showed again his impressive billiards skills

In a one-minute video released by BTS with a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes stills of the members, the netizens did not miss to notice and be impressed by the superb billiard skills of Jimin!

BTS released on its official YouTube channel its 2021 Season’s greetings DVD Preview Spot #2 on November 12, 2020. It is a one-minute video showing some clips from the DVD, such as the boys enjoying and having fun around Seoul. Their behind-the-scenes during the photoshoot, and showing their skills through playing games.

With the many mesmerizing scenes, their fans did not miss the preview of Jimin showing once again his excellent billiard skills.

Jimin is a sport lover

Jimin is active and skillful in various sports like basketball, soccer, Kendo, billiards, and Taekwondo. Many people knew that he was a billiards club member during high school.

Jimin could play like a professional billiard player who made both BTS members and the viewers watch in astonishment every time he plays.

Netizens already saw Jimin playing billiards with complicated tricks and moves on many occasions. A compilation of his fantastic video clips while playing billiards skillfully is being shared on SNS.

Jimin is a head-turner

Jimin, the King of K-pop, naturally stands out in everything that he does. He might be performing, acting, dancing, public speaking, sports, making and producing music, and many more.

Jimin stands as the BTS frontman. He influences their fans and followers to join and engage in sports and many other physical activities. He shared that sports brought short and long-term benefits for physical health.

Superb visuals and talent of Jimin: Impresses fans

Recently, Jimin impressed netizens, especially their followers, with his 2021 Season’s  Greetings preview cuts shared by BTS on November 12.

BTS Jimin set off a hot topic for discussions in a Korean public forum due to his charming and youthful-looking appearance.

Some netizens commented and gave compliments on the visuals Jimin possessed. One netizen commented and thought that Jimin is not getting older, and he is like a baby. Others said that he was like at the age of 17.

Another netizen shared that Jimin was someone she wanted to meet at a travel destination and fall in love with him. Another netizen also said that Jimin is like a prince from a novel.


Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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