BTS Jimin to launch ‘BTS Jimin Scholarship’ in support to art enthusiasts

Jimin donated money to give intensive support for outstanding and talented art students through a newly established fund called the BTS Jimin Scholarship.

On December 8, Chairman Seok Woong Jang conducted a board directors meeting of the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation.

He pronounced to promote a scholarship project, BTS Jimin Scholarship, worth 966,660,000 Korean won (890,000 USD) in 2021.

BTS Jimin Scholarship will grant 108 million Korean won over the next three years to nurture outstanding talent in the arts sector in South Jeolla Province.

The remarkable act of Jimin

The scholarship funding will help underprivileged students throughout the three years of their schooling.

Jimin has earned more respect from the public because of his generosity as he went out of his hometown. This is to extend help to the underprivileged students, which is a big thing in Korea.

The Media addresses Jimin as a Charity Fairy. Moreover, the King of Pop’s donations for Jeolla’s students was marked exceptional as he donated them to the outside of his hometown Korea.

As reported late in August 2020, Jimin showed generosity by giving 100 million won to the Jeolla province students.

Jimin’s donations shall be established as the BTS Jimin Scholarship, amounting to 108 million won (100,000 USD).

This is to fund the outstanding talents in the field of arts in Jeonnam. Awarding of scholarships will be at the beginning of 2021.

A donation for worthy causes: Impresses fans

Moreover, the news gave an impressive outlook and caught more attention from netizens. They shared their messages of gratefulness and love for Jimin’s act of kindness and generosity.

The fans know Jimin for consistently making donations in some worthy causes, especially in education.

Back in the days, Jimin himself experienced how financially challenging education was. He always remembers receiving assistance from his teacher, which helped him pursue the field of dance.

Meanwhile, it is not the singer‘s first time contributing to the welfare of the students. He even made contributions to his hometown for the low-income families of students.

Image courtesy of Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock

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