BTS’ Jungkook produced ‘Film Out’ for ‘Signal’ OST

BTS' Jungkook produced 'Film Out' for 'Signal' OST

BTS continues to reach new heights in 2021.

The youngest member of BTS recently trended on social media for achieving new milestones in his career. Jungkook, who is one of the most popular K-Pop artists, received praises from netizens across the globe.

This all came after the teaser for the Japanese film Signal went public on Tuesday. As it happened, the South Korean celebrity produced the official soundtrack of the material, according to Koreaboo.

ARMYs rejoiced for BTS and Jungkook

Following the release of the teaser, several fans celebrated BTS, especially Jungkook, for the new achievement. The hashtag “Prod Jungkook” trended across various social media platforms, emphasizing the efforts of the youngest member of the K-Pop boy band.

The publication said that Jungkook and Iyori Shimizu produced “Film Out.” The South Korean artist has writing credits for the track, as well. Sources then shared that he suggested a “new melody” for the song on top of Shimizu’s original production.

The seven K-Pop stars consequently released an official statement about their latest track. They confirmed that they worked with the Japanese artist for the song after receiving the demo.

The celebrities also claimed that “Film Out” will likely “move many people’s hearts.” As explained, the lyrics “express an emotional pop ballad genre,” adding that the melody immediately captured them from the beginning.


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About the Japanese film “Signal”

AllKpop reported that BTS’ latest track, “Film Out,” serves as the main theme song for Signal. It is a spin-off of a popular 2018 Japanese drama series.

Sources said that the K-Pop group also sang the soundtrack for the original drama show, causing them to release “Don’t Leave Me.” This reportedly explains why they had the chance to produce the soundtrack for the upcoming film.

The newest addition to the franchise stars Kitamura Kazuki and Sakaguchi Kentaro. It will premiere in Japan this April.

The OST for “Your Eyes Tell”

BTS’ latest achievement with “Film Out” for Signal is not a new feat for them. As fans would recall, the septet’s first movie soundtrack venture came in 2020.

The Korea Herald said that their track “Your Eyes Tell” became the group’s first song to play a part in a movie. A Japanese flick of the same title utilized the material for its main theme song.

The members of BTS recently shared their excitement about the film’s release in South Korea. They stated that it was an honor to be part of a great movie, such as Your Eyes Tell.


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