BTS Jungkook’s visuals, performances on AMAs went viral

After BTS’s performance at the 2020 American Music Awards, Jungkook made a noise on the internet.

BTS earned two awards during the award show, Favorite Duo or Group-Pop/Rock and Favorite Social Artist. Aside from the awards, the visuals of Jungkook received high regard on the show.

BTS performed it’s BE single Life Goes On for the first time as they made an appearance at the 2020 American Music Awards and its record-breaking hit Dynamite.

The septet went up on stage and performed the new ballad, Life Goes On, in a soothing and serene atmosphere.

The six out seven members stood up again for Dynamite, wearing colorful silk suits, which gives an entirely different aura and sets to bring the house down with their disco-pop record-breaking hit.

Jungkook’s majesty trends again

BTS Jungkook went viral among non-fans after the presentation. The locals flooded Twitter as numerous tweets asked about Jungkook, which was captivated by Golden Maknae’s stunning looks and impressive stage performance.

Jungkook, this time, is “the guy with curly hair,” “the guy in a pink suit,” and the “guy who began the song.”

Moreover, the media acknowledged Jungkook’s looks wearing a pink suit, which is one of the highlights of the 2020 AMAs that drove the American public to go crazy in addition to his astonishing vocals.

Indeed Jungkook’s forte seems like going viral and lived up to his tag as the “fans attractor” of the group for the following day; he once again went viral but for a different amusing reason.

Fans’ favorite

Many people knew that Jungkook went to Hongdae before by himself and met fans along the way. Fans got impressed with the artist’s genuine attitude. When fans took selfies with them, he exchanges conversation and shared cute interactions.

During Jungkook’s trip, one scenario resurfaced and made the ARMY amused and surprised by the story’s plot. A fan met Jungkook, later decided to ask and clarify if he is Jeon Jungkook.

He looked around, smiled, and responded, “And if I am?” rather than reacting, “Ahh, yes, I am.”

The story went rounds on Twitter, which also made the ARMY delighted by Jungkook’s reaction. “And, if I am?” became a catchphrase that also trended worldwide.

Jungkook proves his impact on viewers as he was one of the most influential celebrities nowadays. For various reasons, such as his stunning looks, talents, impressive performances, and as simple as his phrase uttered years ago, he quickly goes viral.


Image courtesy of BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

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