BTS urged everyone to ‘live on’ during UN General Assembly

BTS urged everyone to 'live on' during UN General Assembly

BTS delivered a speech for this year’s General Assembly of the United Nations.

The seven members of BTS, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga, Jin, and RM, made their respective speeches for the 75th General Assembly. But due to the pandemic crisis and the countries’ respective lockdown measures, the K-pop icons gave their addresses through a virtual link.

BTS says, “life goes on”

The seven members of BTS agreed on one thing amid these trying times, “life goes on,” the group said, and “live on.” Apart from the central theme of the address, the K-pop artists shared some of their thoughts, according to Cheat Sheet.

The majority of the group’s sentiments seemingly mirrored what the rest of the world has continued to feel today. Several members revealed that they have since felt depressed and frustrated considering the current circumstances.

In the end, though, they all provided a message of “hope” and “encouragement” for their fans and the rest of the audience. Aside from continuing life as it goes on, they asked everyone to continue loving themselves and making their voices heard.

Jimin, Suga, and V’s “hopelessness” and frustrations

Jimin began the speech following RM’s opening. He revealed that he felt “hopeless” as everything started to fall apart. He also recalled the times when he was dancing with fans from all parts of the globe. However, he realized that his word had shrunk into a small room.

Suga and V had the same sentiments. The latter shared that he felt “frustrated” and “depressed” as he felt their room got much “lonelier and smaller.”

Despite feeling these negative emotions, Jimin and V stated that they found “comfort” through friends and writing songs. As for Suga, he stated that they had their instruments and their fans.

J-Hope and Jungkook on making music

J-Hope followed and said that all of these emotions allowed them to “make music together” amid the lockdown. He added that these things made them “honest,” noting that this is where their music came from.

Jungkook then shared how he wants BTS and their music to provide “comfort” and “stability” to the world. He noted that their songs became the “stories” they wanted to share.

Jin and RM on “loving yourself”

The oldest member of BTS, Jin, focused his message on self-care and loving one’s self. He said that “cherishing,” “encouraging,” and “keeping yourself happy” are the most important thing.

In closing the speech, RM recalled his speech two years ago, which seemingly echoed Jin’s message. He urged everyone to love themselves and collectively, “imagine the future.”

The leader of the K-pop group also ensured that BTS would be there for everyone as life continues to move forward. The night may be dark but, “the stars shine brightest when the night is darkest,” he ended.

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