BTS sees ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ as their ‘confession’

BTS sees 'Map of the Soul: 7' as their 'confession'

BTS released Map of the Soul: 7 before the pandemic crisis emerged.

BTS has continued to top charts with their latest tracks. Following the release of their latest album, Map of the Soul: 7, they seemingly expanded their fanbase and the list of their achievements.

The album dropped earlier this year

The all-male K-pop group released their fourth studio album in February. This was just a few months after they dropped their sixth “mini album,” Map of the Soul: Persona.

RM, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, V, and Jungkook originally planned a world tour. However, the pandemic crisis hindered them from doing so. Nevertheless, the K-pop artists have not let down their fans, thanks to their virtual performances and interviews.

The new album has since entailed new aesthetics and “bigger” productions. In one of their interviews, the members of BTS then revealed that their latest work has personal ties to them, deeming it as their “confession,” according to Cheat Sheet.

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BTS and their “confession”

Speaking to Buzzfeed, BTS shared a lot of personal thoughts and stories about Map of the Soul: 7. They also discussed what the album means to them.

Some of the members explained that Persona tackled more about the “world” and their “image.” But, with 7, it is more about them being “seven members” in a team, alongside the stories that they have.

These include their accomplishments, “emotions,” and their “deep selves.” The artists then added that they hid their individual stories on each track. Hence, making the album their ultimate “confession.”

People can “resonate” with their music

When asked about their success and why they have continued to attract fans across the globe, BTS’ leader, RM, responded that there are “many complex factors” that work in this dynamic. It is a “complex integrated culture,” he added.

The artist continued that there is an aspect of the music videos, alongside the dance choreographies, as well as the “communication.” He then asserted that their songs and albums are “individual stories,” making it very personal to them.

RM stated that these stories could “resonate” with people around the globe. Later on, they noted that this might be the reason why their fans have continued to find their music “refreshing” and “charming.”

New album in the works

The group previously mentioned that they would release another album in the latter months of the year. But, they surprised their fans in July when they announced their latest single, “Dynamite.”

In August, BTS premiered their new summer song, which has since placed them on the top of the charts. Just this month, they debuted on top of the Billboard Hot 100. As for their upcoming album, though, they have yet to share details about the new collection.

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