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BTS members used to ‘secretly’ nap inside bathrooms


BTS has now reached the top of most charts in the music industry.

All members of BTS continue to receive a huge following from their fans and supporters. The group’s fandom, which has since received the name “ARMY,” is not composed of South Koreans alone. As it happens, the all-male K-pop group has already dominated almost all parts of the globe.

But before their apparent fame and success, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, V, and J-Hop experienced tremendous struggles and challenges along the way. When they made their debut in 2013, things were far different in comparison to what they have today.

In one of their interviews, the members of the group revealed some of their most difficult moments in the past as they move forward to success. There were even times when they had to “secretly” take naps inside a bathroom, according to Cheat Sheet.

BTS talks about their first album

BTS released their first studio album, Dark & Wild, in 2014. Despite being unpopular at that time, they recalled how hard they worked on developing the material.

In their most recent interview with Pitchfork, the seven South Korean artists shared a few insights into their first album. The youngest member, Jungkook, revealed that they were very “low on sleep,” particularly when they had to practice at the “stark white rehearsal room.”

He added that, because of this, they all used to sneak into the bathroom to take quick naps. He also noted that their instructor would ask them to “get out” if they do it.

They were “desperate”

V continued that all of them were “desperate” back then. The publication stated that this likely tell why they have strong determination at every turn.

Suga added that, during that time, he had a realization that “effort does not guarantee success.” Reports then explained that Dark & Wild only saw “moderate success” upon its release. It was only a year after when their true success began and reached outside South Korea.

BTS started to receive global recognition in 2015

BTS obtained a few nominations and awards in 2013 and 2014. But, the global audience began to recognize the seven-member K-pop group in the latter months of 2015.

Overall, they have already received 426 nominations. They won over 279 of them in the last few years.

They also received another set of nominations from the 2020 MTV Europe Music Awards. Alongside BLACKPINK, BTS grabs the best group nominations and other prestigious awards, according to SOOMPI. The awarding ceremony of the event will take place on November 8, on MTV.

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